Thinking Big - Thinking Land Stewardship
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Can sustainable farming and land use practices really scale to meet the challenges of our planet - or are they just niche hobby projects? Learn about how acquifers work and are recharged. Find out how the Pani Foundation water cup inspired Indian farmers to compete in building water retention structures for their villages. Learn about a Mesoamerican farming technology originally scaled up by the Aztecs. Hear American regenerative agriculture pioneer Gabe Brown, telling his story to the farmers who supply a major British supermarket chain as they move towards regenerative practices. Learn how a British city council responded to a major flood event by investing in beautiful sustainable urban drainage across the city and its suburbs (a presenter's connection drops out near the start of their video but it's worth skipping past it!)
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This is a nice collection of videos, thanks! It really highlights what a mistake it's been to use rivers as boundaries for jurisdictions - hard to imagine a more natural polity than a watershed.
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I loved the Paani foundation and Aztec chinampas ones, and this came up.
posted by jeffburdges at 5:10 PM on May 16

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