I'ma show y'all how to move this yay'
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Yeah that is quite something!
posted by supermedusa at 2:33 PM on May 15

It seemed like the young nudy hook was just picked up off the floor, dusted off, and then taped to the back of the song?

I mean, it was good. They were both good. But they seemed like two songs. Is what I’m saying. Two songs stuck in my head now.
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as general rule, when seeing one of his videos, i find myself thinking "i don't know enough about music to keep up, but this is still pretty good"
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I like the recreation of a 1930 or maybe 1940s Black bar/saloon
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There's enough context at the Genius page, it felt important to include that.
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Donald Glover apparently hasn't aged since midway through season 1 of Community.
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Donald Glover is really his own thing as far as his various talents and expressions of his artistry. Such an interesting guy.
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I think we need a whole new category for him. He's beyond "triple threat" to quadruple or quintuple.
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yep, he's a special talent, for sure. No matter what he does or how he does it, it's very hard to not watch him, he's absolutely captivating.
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He's going on tour this summer, so if you want to watch him in person you have the opportunity.

Also, this is from an album he just released that is old songs that he's finally finished, or whatever, and he has an album of entirely new material out in early June.
posted by hippybear at 6:44 PM on May 15

I cannot move that way. I think most people can’t.
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I loved everything about this video.

@SaxonKane: I bet he sleeps in a Room-Temperature Room.
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Can't stop thinking about that coda.
posted by vverse23 at 8:18 PM on May 15

It seemed like the young nudy hook was just picked up off the floor, dusted off, and then taped to the back of the song?

It's the "Captain Easychord" of hip-hop, at last!

Anyway, as usual, I couldn't love it more. Choreography on point, perfect casting, and his characteristic packaging of a deadly serious message in a beautifully stylized spectacle. I couldn't stop laughing at the audience's dead-eyed disdain in the first half. And the Young Nudy segment had a Twin Peaks: The Return vibe to me.

Going back to watch it another six times now...
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Directed by frequent collaborator Hiro Murai (he directed more than half of all "Atlanta" episodes)
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He’s awesome!

Watched this on his genius just before the reissue and new song were announced.
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I looked up "prolific" in the dictionary and it's just a picture of Donald Glover.
posted by JustSayNoDawg at 9:09 AM on May 16

If you haven't read the lyrics analysis that hippybear referenced in the Genius Lyrics link, please consider it. The lyrics are incredibly dense with wordplay and slang I at least wasn't aware of, and the interplay between the dark lyrics, the upbeat music/dancing, and what's happening cinematically/narratively is really something. This whole thing is breathtakingly layered
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Popping in to recommend the Mr. & Mrs. Smith reboot that Glover created with Francesca Sloane and starring himself and Maya Erskine.

It's really something.
posted by exlotuseater at 1:53 PM on May 16

OK, I have to admit this: I like everything about this video, but even after reading the lyrics, I have no idea what it's about. Supposedly, there's a lyrics analysis somewhere, but all I could find were the lyrics and nothing that read like an actual analysis.

But I like everything else. AITA here?
posted by JustSayNoDawg at 5:13 PM on May 16

So, on the Genius page, some of the lyrics are backgrounded or highlighted in a different color. If you click on those lyrics, an explanation of those lyrics will appear to the right on the screen on a desktop. I have no idea what this looks like on mobile, but I assume some kind of pop-up will appear.

It does involve a bit of fiddly clicking, but not too terribly much, and it helps make it clear exactly which lines of the song you're referring to with the explanation being offered.
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And just to make things most simple for you, the song is a braggadocio about dealing cocaine. "yay'" is slang for cocaine, so the singer is bragging about how he knows how to sell drugs in good quantities. The song also talks about how the reason he's selling drugs is because his father was arrested when he was seven and so the only way he had to make it in the world was to get into a criminal racket. The song's narrator is very self-confident about his ability to sell but is also feeling trapped in the lifestyle from having lost his father so young. This ties into the introduction of the song at the beginning of the video.

I do suggest you go read through the Genius page and click through for a better understanding, but that's the basic gist.
posted by hippybear at 6:09 PM on May 16 [2 favorites]

I think I prefer the old version without Nudy's verse better.

And I also recommend the Mr. & Mrs. Smith reboot, that was such a great show that focused more on their relationship with all the killing as a side story.
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Thank you. I never would have gotten that from hearing it. Even reading it, it’s densely packed song.
posted by JustSayNoDawg at 11:27 AM on May 17

His dancing style, some of which echoes his "This Is America" choreography, I can't get enough of. A film along the lines of Ma Rainey's Black Bottom that featured him in a '20s/'30s setting in show business would be awesome, I think. Or a series with him and Quinta Brunson. Either one. Love the direction and cinematography in this video, aside from the audience vibe.

Thanks for sharing this.
posted by the sobsister at 10:22 AM on May 18

His dancing style, some of which echoes his "This Is America" choreography, I can't get enough of.

That kind of exaggerated facial expression and dancing I think stems out of the minstrel scene from back in the day. I never know how to react when I encounter it because it is at once very appealing and very very racist.

A film I watched that changed my life and how I look at things like that is Spike Lee's difficult masterpiece Bamboozled. [Trailer, 2m]

I'm not saying that Childish Gambino is being racist by doing this stuff. But he is being very very specific in the choices being made to make a specific reference and point.
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Hiro Murai is one of my favorite directors. I marvel at how he uses the shots of background actors, those long pullbacks, everything just perfect.
posted by Catblack at 8:03 PM on May 19

I can't stop thinking about this thing and I am unsatisfied with existing interpretations. For instance, I know that "jay" in it refers to a person, not a joint. How? Because A) it makes better sense lyrically (why would he remember a particular joint from years ago?) and B) I just saw an Atlanta episode wherein D. Glover calls a person a jay. I just got done with the 7-hour Midsommer video analysis from the other day, and I think this video more than deserves a similar treatment. For one thing, I want to read about ninety pages on the genius nursery-rhyme-esque strategy of concealing the midnight dark meaning under all the bright, fun vaudeville dance visuals and the jaunty earworm melody. Like, "Dear Tipper Gore, I am merely a simple, fun-loving harmless minstrel who loves a good clean inspirational worksong like this one [not a word of which you will understand.]" Notice he pre-bleeps himself? Every "woo!" replaces the word "shit." He did that in "This is America," too. Like, "here you go, this is the part you think is dangerous, right? Okay, sure: WOO! There! No more bad words, now the song is perfectly safe for your children!" Meanwhile the whole thing is about an orphaned child dragged into the drug trade living in constant terror and murdering potential narcs.
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