“Bert, one step into animorphing into Ernie.”
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These toys are extremely upsetting in a way I can't explain and I can't tolerate looking at them. But I also can't look away. Thank you for the deeply unsettling post.
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The number of them that appear to carry actual Children's Television Workshop/Sesame Street branding is shocking. Surely when developing a product for an IP, you have to submit samples??? And these were approved?????????
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This post unglued me entirely. I’m broken.
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Regarding the winner: I remember that 90s trend of children's stuffed animals being made of that thin, silky, cold, medicinal, polyester parachute material. I don't know why that was ever a good idea.
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The color commentary cracked me up.
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You go to hell. All muppets are beautiful. All of them.

I’m just realizing that I am emotionally attached to both muppets and dolls of nonconventional attractiveness.
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“This isn’t Scooter. This is his attic-dwelling secret brother Segway.”

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“If you squint your eyes hard enough, you don’t have to see this anymore.”
-Wilson S

Stealing that.
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This is top notch snark. As a fairly internet-poisoned individual, it can be hard to make me actually snicker when reading, but these people absolutely succeeded.
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Great find, thanks for posting! The comments are GOLD.
“This Scooter listens to exactly two kinds of music: Ben Folds, and ska.”

Agree with hippybear above re: How the F did these get licensed?
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