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"The four young women wore military helmets and dead-serious expressions. Their fingers, sheathed in tailored white gloves, wiggled on loose wrists. Over a beat of hard-driving taiko drums, they scurried and bounced around the soundstage, scream-singing lyrics that, per the closed caption translation, described a domestic dystopia: 'Dad’s stuck in the grind, the job’s grip is appalling / Mom’s escaping reality, addicted to idols.' It was the explosive U.S. television debut of Atarashii Gakko!, and if you caught it on Jimmy Kimmel Live! late last year, you might have asked yourself: Where did these women come from?" Atarashii Gakko! Are Singularly, Unapologetically Themselves

Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders is a Japanese music group known for their matching sailor uniforms, self-choreographed dance routines, and captivating live performances. Enjoy a selection of YouTube video links below and link your own favorites in the comments.

Choreography videos: Music videos:
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I clicked on the Jimmy Kimmel performance about a month ago, and since then I keep going back to AG! when I need a mood lift. I also recommend watching videos of their live shows, which look like a blast. Here's a pretty good audience recording from their 2023 tour.
posted by jomato at 5:07 PM on May 22

Wow, I think their live act actually outdoes the (amazing) music video.
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“Giri Giri” Special Choreography Video

God, open plan offices suck.
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yeah, welcome to every single office environment in Japan, basically
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I parsed this as that every office environment in Japan has a group of ultra-synchronised uniformed girl dancers in it, which I’m not sure whether to believe, I’m fifty-fifty TBH
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It can’t be more than 20% of them, tops. Most of them can’t probably can’t even henshin to tower block size.
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Tokyo Calling is a banger.
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This is fucking great. I'm so happy to live in the now.
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