The Deep Ark
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The Deep Ark is an eight hour plus mix of 1990's Warp Records "Electronic Listening Music" and related beats.

There's an interview with the Arkiteket and book of photos and poetry for sale. The site includes a download link, or you can listen to the entire mix on YouTube. Via blissblog.
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Reading through the track listing makes me sad.

RIP Mark Bell (LFO), Andrew Weatherall (Sabres of Paradise, 2LS), Peter Kuhlmann (Pete Namlook, FAX records), Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic), and Richard H Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire, solo)
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Thanks OP! this was just what I needed but I didn't yet know it.
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The interview is fascinating and tells me this's already something I'm going to be very into. Now to dig into the set.

I'm curious what other sets the Arkiteket has done; the interview suggests they've been at it for a while & their philosophy sounds like it aligns to me well.
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Also I never have listened to hardly any Bochum Welt, but dang he sure is all over this mix.

I'm a little surprised to see not a single track from Ninja Tune on here. I assume one very significant factor for this kind of mix is licensing, so maybe that was a snag there?
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Thank You
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Wonderful post; thanks very much! Roadtrip music for me...
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Excellent find. Thank you, Ardship!
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In my twelve years on MetaFilter this has been the most useful post to me. I've now got something epic to listen to, and pick apart, and rebuild, and read around, for the next two years, which also dovetails into my love and essential and fundamental need for this specific genre.

Thank you a thousand times, The Ardship of Cambry.
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I'm a little surprised to see not a single track from Ninja Tune on here. I assume one very significant factor for this kind of mix is licensing, so maybe that was a snag there?

I was going to say that it's basically a mix from an entirely different label? But then there's a big chunk of Blue Room after the 7 hour mark, and the Orb was never directly on Warp, I don't think, so *shrug*. I mean it looks like it's like 70% Aphex Twin projects by weight, anyway.

Aaaanyway, lemme tick the "remember playback position" and "skip when shuffling" boxes in iTunes, otherwise I'll never actually get all the way through it and stub my toes on it like 3 times a week.
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Thank you!
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There's a bunch of labels and they're all listed in the credits and descriptions! Of course tons of Warp, but also Skam, Leaf, loads of Rephlex, FAX +49-69/450464, R&S, etc. And maybe The Orb wasn't properly on Warp ever but Alex Paterson did have a track on Warp's early compilation Artificial Intelligence.
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Listening through this, it gives me the same sort of feel that there's maybe a chunk of old techno / electronic / edm / etc that is hard to properly appreciate in 2024, separated from the DJ mixed performances back in the day at raves and shows and whatnot. Like I hunted up some of the individual tracks from Chrissy Murderbot's happy hardcore tape and they're ... they're fine, individually, there's nothing wrong with them, but when a DJ is spinning two or three of them against one another and mixing it up and performing them, it goes to a whole other level.
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