There’s a whole lot more to unlife than blood, lace, and leather
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Vampire Therapist: “Guide vampires through centuries of emotional baggage, decades of delusions and the odd bout of self-loathing with real cognitive behavioral therapy concepts and become a Vampire Therapist! Even vampires need a shoulder to cry on when a neck to bite just won’t do.” Releasing July 18, demo available now.

Interview with the developer, who also voices multiple characters in the game. Cyrus Nemati is known for his roles as Ares, Dionysus, and Theseus in Hades (2018), among others.
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Oh man, I think I may have to play a video game now. (No shade; I am just not video game-brained...except for Dream Daddy.)

Oooh, Dream Daddy x Vampire Therapist game!
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Forwarded to my friend who is a therapist, and also a goth. I'm certain she will not want to actually play it, on account of "the hell would I want to spend my scarce free time pretending to do my day job", but I'm certain it will get a laugh.
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I would very much like a goth therapist.
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I would very much like a goth therapist.

Patient: i just keep having these... urges. Really uncomfortable urges.

Therapist: It's okay. This is a safe space. You can decribe them here.

Patient: I just... God, this is so horrible. But I keep getting the urge to wear pastels!

(The game itself sounds fun, in a Dream Daddy-goes-to-therapy way. And it's possibly a sneaky way to teach people some actual CBT techniques.)
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And it's possibly a sneaky way to teach people some actual CBT techniques.

One of my goth therapist friend’s favorite private jokes is the ambiguity of which kind of CBT one might be referring to.
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I'm not a fan of this style of game but damn if game ideas aren't getting more and more entertaining! I love the creativity.
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I have asked Shepherd to add this to his Steam account so I can try it out!
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If you say "Vampire Therapist" three times while looking in a mirror, a mediocre dramady appears in your Netflix recommendations.
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Played it for a bit last night, and I'm not sure I'll pick up the full version. I don't mind interactive fiction, but I like to know where I'm making a choice that's going to affect the path of the story. There's a whole training section in this game where picking the correct answer appears to be the wrong choice, and I think you're probably supposed to just keep picking the wrong answer to progress the story (I'm still unsure). And lots of places where you have to click to proceed, but there's nothing to suggest that you need to.

I much preferred the game mechanics of things like Murder By Numbers and Strange Horticulture, just to pluck a couple of recent discoveries from the air.
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