The Internet's Favourite Dad* (*unproven)
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Brittlestar, aka Stewart Reynolds is a Canadian humorist and national treasure.

Making funny videos about Canadian politics, Canadian habits, and sometimes our relationship with our neighbours to the South, his gentle dad humour is a balm for prickly Internet life.


Westjet's New Ultra Basic Fare

Ontario Govt Message At Beer in Convenience Stores

Loblaws Receipt Scanners

US-Canada Border Wall

Just A Dad (Outside a Taylor Swift Concert)

Spring in Canada

Virtual Dad Pep Talk for Pride

My Son Asked Me How I Danced in the 80s

Peace, Love, And Canada, folks!
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Heads up: I grabbed as many Youtubes ones as I could, as well two Instagram ones. (He's delightfully prolific!)

Oh, and his newsletter is so lovely and affirming. He believes you are never too old to start over again and wants us to look out for each other.
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He looks like my neighbor Kevin, a very good guy, which only makes him seem more honest and relatable.
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Oh wow, I've only ever done summers in Canada, but that Spring in Canada sketch gave me flashbacks to living in the Boston area.
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Brittlestar's awesome.

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sauril, you went and reminded me that Zellers picked up "Nowhere with You" for a televised ad campaign and I will always love Zellers for that!

Here's the original banger from Joel Plaskett and the Emergency
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Joel Plaskett, Canada's Musical Sweetheart (as I call him), is the bomb!

(I'm seeing him live again in November. I love that skinny beanpole of a man.)
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That must be the only ex-Zellers-ex-Target that lost its huge red concrete spheres
posted by scruss at 10:59 AM on June 11

Canadian indie musicians really have a soft spot for Zellers. Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton -- Doctor Blind.
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"It's like Costco without the illusion of exclusivity."

Yep, "exclusive" is definitely foremost in my mind when I look around at my fellow Costco shoppers.
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