Tag yourself, I'm "VHF receiver with aerial disconnected."
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BBC Rewind has a collection of freely downloadable sound effects available, as well as a mixer mode you can use to play around with them to your heart's content. For the deep-cut retrotech enthusiasts among us, I call your attention to the Electronics section, but there's a lot here to enjoy.
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Important to note that these are only free for personal, non-commercial use with attribution to the BBC. That probably rules out advertising-funded social media use.
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*clicks "destruction"* ooo, i'm gonna have fun with this
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Here for the post title.
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I am "Telephones: American - American Telephone: Western Electric wall telephone loud ringing tone." Also I looked into how much it would cost to buy one of these sounds and they are super reasonable. That one was $5.
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This is wonderful - back in college radio/theatre days (which for me was late 80s), you could have the BBC sound effects library on a stack of *records* with a nice index! I'm sure a lot of these were on those albums.
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A lot of the weirder electronic sounds (some of them mysteriously labeled "(Specially created electronic sound.)") have a distinct... Whovian flavor to them, which I enjoy.
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the Who link is no surprise, since after the Goons stopped, Dr Who became the Radiophonic Workshop's main customer
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"American Telephone: Western Electric ... That one was $5.

My recording of a Western Electric Princess you can have for free: it's CC-BY.
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I'm Comedy Sounds - Chemical computer., btw. I think every 1970s BBC children's programme that had a mad professor in it (it was a theme) had to use this sound effect.
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I use these all the time for community radio production, it's an invaluable archive and the search function works very well.
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