EBay in patent dispute.
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EBay in patent dispute. EBay is currently involved in a patent dispute with someone who claims to have patented the idea of online auctions in 1995. EBay believes it has found prior art in a USENET post from 1994.
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I can remember email "auctions" for extra hockey tickets at my work long before I'd heard of EBay... that was probably in 1995, but I'm quite sure they've been around since companies first started using email. (I have no idea when that would have been)
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I auctioned my collection of Dragon magazines over FidoNet in 1993 in a Gaming Auctions forum.
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The very idea that you could patent online auctioning at all is absurd.
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I remember drawing up plans for an online swap meet in the summer of 1994. I never did anything about it, and couldn't figure out how to get a BBS with enough lines to be national, but I also had the idea. Apparently everyone else did too :)
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I invented the internet.
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There is something really, fundamentally, basically broken with regards to U.S. commerce law when you can monpolize a concept.

The implementation of something, sure - that's the way copyright law works, or trademark law. But the basic idea? It's enough to make one wonder if perhaps corporations don't have the public interest even on the agenda anywhere...
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I first came up with the idea of being hungry while on the internet in 1993.
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