Can one man truly change things?
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Can one man truly change things? An interesting column about a Saudi man, living in Northern Virginia, who is trying to change attitudes in his native land. As we say in the theater, "Break a leg, pal."
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This guy is simialar in a way to the Cuban exiles in Florida but he seems far more liberal than them and not so militant. The fact is if they couldn't get a regime change in Cuba (although they tried with the Bay of Pigs), this guy doesn't stand much chance either.
posted by PenDevil at 6:20 AM on October 1, 2002

Be very cautious when using history to predict the future, PenDevil, especially when it's the history of a different era, different political system, different culture.....

Who knows how much effect this man could have with his news web sites and his research papers and the other wonderful ideas he probably has, especially when he's bound to be joined in his efforts by other expatriate Saudis, and to inspire others to take actions of their own.
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I realise all this but to me he is kinda preaching to the choir already.

Most people know (or suspect) the Saudi's are up to all this bad stuff. The point is that unless he can tell people who live in Saudi Arabia "Hey, it doens't have to be like this", then he's got his work cut out for him.
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It's encouraging to see people stand up against long odds for basic freedoms. I wish this man the best.
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The Saudi situation is an interesting one in the current world climate. The Saudi royal family runs the country, it is not democratically elected and their human rights record defies belief. So why is the Western world not on the Saudi's case like Iraq. Why is the Saudi regime not cited as part of the "axis of evil" I'll tell you why, Saudi is a huge oil exporter and have done us (the west) a few favours over the years. When oil prices have been high they have sold us discounted oil. When the price has been low they have helped the US and other oil producing countries to artificially hike the price up by restricting their exports. Does this justify supporting this foul regime? Probably if your a Texan oil man/president. I always find it interesting how hard cash taints morality.
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Hey, at least this guy's trying, which is more than can be said for the most of the rest of us. One person may not be able to make a difference but the more people he can get along side with him the better.
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This man is a GodDamn Hero.
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