Making Cassette Tapes Obsolete for Obsolete Computers
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TZXDuino is a clever bit of circuitry to replace the cassette player that loads programs on old computers like the ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64.
JamHamster is a guy that puts tech into cassettes for fun, so naturally he put the cassette deck replacement in a cassette that goes in the deck.
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Wow, that Twitter thread from JamHamster is something else. Love watching really talented people document their projects like this. Thanks for finding and sharing this, WhackyparseThis.
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Threadreader link for non-x-account-havers, please? All we see is the first post.
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Ah, fond memories of waiting half an hour for some Commodore 64 games to load (before fastloaders were invented) and half the time it wouldn't work. Kids these days etc etc
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His website is a bit hard to parse, but I'm bookmarking this into my TRS-80 folder. Missing that 50 baud data transfer.
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Threadreader link for non-x-account-havers, please? All we see is the first post

I'm getting the Oops, we can't access this thread! error when trying to add that to Thread Reader
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Here's an Unroll link for the X-less.
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Looks cool, but ... can one not simply connect a 3.5mm cable from one's modern e-device (assuming one has an older modern e-device with the headphone jack or a USB adapter)? At least on the Apple ][ and ZX Spectrum the cassette port is just an audio input, no weird serial bus stuff like on the Atari/C-64.
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Here's an Unroll link

Thanks for this hanov3r. Thing is, JamHamster was at this for seven months and none of the unroll/summary tools seem to be able to put it all together. This one only covers the first few weeks. Threadreader seems to break due to API restrictions, so I blame Elon. I'm not sure there's a good solution for folks without Xitter logins. I wish we could get folks like this doing interesting creative work to document it somewhere else but I guess it'll take the total collapse of the platform to get everyone off it.
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It's overdriven and the wave form is messed up but I found a blog that details the problem exactly.

A blog post I wrote.

And forgot about.
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Looks cool, but ...
One could also just load an emulator, but likewise that involves much less exploration and fun than this method.
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I saved my first-ever code on cassette on my VIC-20.
posted by jordantwodelta at 2:27 PM on July 10

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