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Hoaxed! In a follow-up to this thread where various news agencies were claiming the imminent demise of our blond brethren, based on "German experts" and WTO research, it turns out that the whole story was a hoax. It's either a case of serious journalistic inability to check sources...or the RTMark guys are at it again.
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As if this bit of "news" wasn't enough of a joke to begin with?

Forget source-checking, how about news editors with a modicum sense of relevance.
posted by Spiny Delicacy at 12:43 AM on October 2, 2002

So, The Onion has a counter-satire satire rag to compete with that the credulous story-makers must mimic eh?
posted by crasspastor at 12:50 AM on October 2, 2002

So the "by 2202" date didn't raise any suspicions? "Yes, the last one will die at a minute to midnight on New Year's eve, 2201. The genome never lies."
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"We put out a press statement on the health situation in Palestine on the same day. And comparatively we had very few calls on that, which was quite pathetic, really," she added.
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No harm, no foul....this time.
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Well how Ironic. Every media outlet there was making fun of Barbra Striesend (is that how it is spelled ?) for quoting shakespear when it was just a fake shakespear quote. This is pie in the face of the "ever-vigilent" media. hahaha
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Soon no one will know what is real, much less what is true....
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Amazing! Even this article, which is supposed to be a correction, has factually wrong information.

For the record, some scientists have postulated that the gene responsible for blond hair may eventually die out.

Several years ago, a book called The Vogue Book of Blonds cited the work of geneticist Steve Jones of University College, London, to make that argument.

Jones said blondness is the result of a recessive gene. He predicted that changing migration patterns would eventually create a majority of brown-haired people even among the now blond populations of Scandinavia.

Jones is saying that blonds will eventually become a minority in Scandinavia, not that they will die out completel
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"WTO" - or "WHO" ?

If you're going to report someone else's incompetence, it might be sensible to have someone check your own writing.

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