"We are trying to understand why sex is the most searched for topic on the Internet."
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"We are trying to understand why sex is the most searched for topic on the Internet." MSNBC is taking "what we believe is the most comprehensive cybersex survey to hit the Web," because this online fascination with sex is just baffling to them. I wonder if anyone will be giving honest answers -- I'm certainly not planning to ("yep, monkeys and Jell-O...").
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I'm not a statistician, but this sounds like a terrible way to get accurate results. First, people must voluntarily take the test (rather than being randomly chosen). Second, they could take it as many times as they want. Third, the people who will be followed-up with must volunteer? I don't think I want to know more about the sex life of a guy who asks MSNBC to call him back and quiz him on it.
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Why is sex the most searched topic on the internet? They have to ask that? I would think the answer would be somewhat obvious. Seeing as the internet is male dominated (currently) and the dominant age group of males on the internet is between 13-45. Throw in the fact some people have no social skills or outside life besides their computer, and that is a good mixture for everyone looking for good porn.
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Went, filled it out, put in the email address of a famous senator. Let's see what they do with that.
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To ask such a question is as absurd as asking, "how could human beings possibly breed?" or "why are sexually transmitted diseases so prevalent?"

People fuck, he says with a shrug. Hello! Who missed orientation?
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Um, Jay? Last numbers I saw were about 55/45 Male. Thatn's not exactly male-dominated...
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