Intel nixes iMacs at Harvard exhibit.
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Intel nixes iMacs at Harvard exhibit. Obviously, this inspires irrational umbrage in my Mac-lovin' heart, even though I would no doubt have a completely opposite "let's stick it to the man" attitude if Apple did something like this to Intel. [via macintouch]
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Yeah, this is really post-industrial umbrage-creating corporate-nonsense by the folks at Intel!

If Apple did this, I think it would be totally different. First of all, the folks that made the first lime-green computer wouldn't stoop to that level. More importantly, there is the whole monopoly thing happening here. Just as I want a choice of dog bowls (and I might mention that the lime-green iMac perfectly matches my new dog bowl), I should have a choice of computers.

Intel is a big dog and should act the part. A little doggie decorum is in order here!
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