October 4, 2002
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Fight of the Century? Bush and Hussein 1 on 1? This isn't the first time it's been suggested that state/world leaders just leave their populations out of it and go at it one on one, but this is the first time I've heard it specifically suggested. What'll you bet the majority of both populations would really be curious to see this duel? What'll you bet that even George's richest friends might sell him out for the pay-per-view rights?
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Now you've done it! Matt's going to club a baby seal to death!
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Can we please have this posted more...
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Also, partway through a one of the recent white house press briefings, Ari Fleischer responds to a question about it. Interestingly enough, Fleischer doesn't say what I think would have been the obvious retort: that this isn't about a personal vendetta, it's a bout security and values (and strategic interestis). Rather, it's a series of ad hominem attacks. I was surprised.

Finally, despite coming off as flippant as I was above, I really am interested to see what people think about the "heads of state duel" method of conflict resolution. Worked for Israel against the Phillistines, so I hear...
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I'm no fan of W, but I'd have to put my money on him. Saddam is not a young man, despite the dye jobs and skin treatments. W is a former party boy who can hold his liquor and runs 5 miles every morning. Our questionably elected leader can kick your fraudulently elected leader's ass! I'd be worried about Cheney though.
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Saddam's a wimp. Mullah Omar challenged Bush AND Blair to a duel.. And Mullah Omar is blind in one eye!

Taliban minister challenges Bush and Blair to duel
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Is Matt on vacation or something?
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Bush will have to beexcused so he can do his duty with Texas air national guard.
If Bush lost, do we all become Iraquis?
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Um, doduble post today? Geez, even I'm carping about it...
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Should be, "Um, 4th double-post today..." See, now you got me flustered.
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crap! I should check metatalk first and then check the filter.
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*leaves, slams door*
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You all know, of course that if it happens, it'll be broadcast on Fox.
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