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"WAAABOOOOM!!! A flash of light followed by a concussion of air shook the RPG fence in front of me and the safe house windows behind me."
It seems like in the end, all good things come together. Blogging and WAR: united at last!
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I tried to think of something more insightful, but I keep coming back to "that's stupid".
posted by Mazelle at 3:54 AM on October 5, 2002

Weblogs were supposed to be a human-scale alternative to the media-advertising complex. It only took a couple of years for advertisers to figure out how to absorb them back into the system, just another channel for the brand message.

For your protection, please set your media cynicism back to "high".
posted by fuzz at 4:33 AM on October 5, 2002

A blog bankrolled and initiated by an organization was an inevitable development. I just didn't think the Department of Defense would be one of the first to capitalize upon it. (Remind me never again to underestimate the ideas that come from a governmental branch with a tremendous recruiting/marketing budget.) However, that this is hardly the only blog with an agenda that gets in the way of telling multiple sides of the story.

It won't be long before publicists for other institutions catch wind of this idea and the seamless transition from press release to blog entry become as offensive and omnipresent as the "profile pieces" that pervade newspapers -- little more than celebrities selling you junk movies or corporations hawking inferior products, rather than studied, legitimate and always questioning journalism about real issues. This is an inevitable byproduct of the mainstream shuffle, methinks. Fortunately, in the online world, people can exercise their right to question or reject this.
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What exactly is your vision, here, Ed? Monday: Part 1 of a 13 part series as movie investigative journalist Bodger Rebert goes behind the scenes to find out the lousy creative decisions, the winnerless budget compromises, and the diva personalities who sank Glitter.

Sometime people buy a paper just to find out what's playing Friday, you know.

What a bunch of prissy dilettantes.
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What's funny is that people are upset about Movable Type being "perverted" by the Army, but not about the Quake engine being defiled with actual combat. Isn't it affecting the purity of the game to have it co-opted by the Defense Dep't?
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Anil: Plenty of people are upset about it, if you read the right outlets. And, actually, it was the Unreal engine.

Dhartung: Not asking for that at all. The puff pieces that have been appearing in the Sunday NYT magzine supplement of late (last week's Paul Schrader/Bob Crane piece comes to mind) are only a stone's throw away from a press junket script. Such space could easily be replaced by coverage of more substantial issues.
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Weblogs were supposed to be a human-scale alternative to the media-advertising complex

Exactly when was this agreed upon? Were word processors supposed to be digital printing presses upon which the masses could revolt against our oppresive societal structure using Comic Sans?

When you're ready to join the real world, we're here and waiting.
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