October 5, 2002
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Have a hankering for theoretical physics, but don't know where to get your fix? The Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, funded by the NSF and the University of California, can help! I stumbled on it while looking up photon entanglement on google, and was delighted to find a section of the site with complete audio (and often slides as well) from over a hundred speakers at dozens of different conferences. If you need a place to start, I suggest Black Holes: Theory Confronts Reality, Three Years Later and the ITP Public Lecture Series.
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Thank you! This is exactly what I will need as I attempt later today to challenge the Second Law of Thermodynamics! Excellent link.
posted by RJ Reynolds at 8:05 AM on October 5, 2002

They also make the tastiest crispbread!
[Sorry, Nothing, your subject is so far above me I couldn't resist.]
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Thanks, that's a very interesting read. If you are still interested in photon entanglement, pay a visit to qubit.org.

Nothing -> vacuum -> virtual particles hmmm, I see a connection here (but I also hear voices ;) )
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Nothing, thank you so much for this post. I actually don't know much about Theoretical Physics, so its hard for me to make any comments, but I wanted to say that I think these links are fascinating and that this is a model Metafilter post. I'd give you a pony if I had one.
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I don't know much about theoretical physics, but I like learning. I also showed the links to my husband, who was a physics geek before he became a programmer, and he really liked the lecture series. I know people might not want "Good post!" me-tooism to go so far, because comments like that are basically contentless, but it does seem in the infamous News!filter thread a large part of what's being frowned upon are people responding to news links and not I-never-would-have-found-this-on-my-own links, so I thought I would weigh in. Ponies for all who make FPPs as good as this.
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