Looking for a new home or to relocate?
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Looking for a new home or to relocate? Then check out some of the finer trailer homes Missisppi has to offer.
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Of course, since it's ripping on Mississippians, it isn't bigotry.
posted by harmful at 1:02 PM on June 9, 2000

This link was dumb (not to mention completely stereotypical) the first couple of hundred times I saw it.

posted by Mr. skullhead at 1:23 PM on June 9, 2000

That was a great story. I thought the linked page was both entertaining and informative, and I believe that I may want to purchase a house trailer one day, as long as there is one on the lot that I like.
posted by Wizzle at 7:31 PM on June 9, 2000

Great the post did what it was intended to do! I grew up in a little town called Milton West Virginia and have heard every hillbilly joke known to man. Not that this gives me validation to post or joke about the topic of poverty in Miss. but I have seen plenty of it first hand in WV (and this was the only website I could find to convey what I was trying to get at). Since attending college in NJ and working in VA I have had to put up with the jokes constantly, when I say that they are being bigoted the norm was to laugh it off as I am just being overly sensitive.
Anyway, the actual purpose of the post was just to show the way ALOT of people have to live in this country. I know it's in vouge to be pc and bash those who you feel cross the imaginary line of correctness (I am guilty of this sometimes too) But the fact remains large % of us limit our free time making comments rather than actually trying to help those people who need it most. If you were offended by post great, maybe you can spend a couple hours a month helping out the poor in your town or at least donating a few dollars to those that do.
posted by remo at 8:07 AM on June 10, 2000

(Maybe I should have included <scarcasm> tags in my original comment.) Even though I no longer live there, I was born in Mississippi and have spent most of my life there, which is why this site raised my hackles. People who express opinions such as this site appears to reflect, never seem to realize that classism and regionalism are just as much forms of bigotry as racism and sexism.
posted by harmful at 7:31 AM on June 12, 2000

By the way: No offense, but even though I am a product of Mississippi's public school system, I do know how to spell the name of my original home state. *grin*
posted by harmful at 7:44 AM on June 12, 2000

lol, that's why I need a spell check implant. M-I-S-S-I-S-S-P-P-I, ok think I got it now.
posted by remo at 12:06 PM on June 12, 2000

Just wondering when a town near Princteon, N.J., became Milton, W.Va. ...
posted by lissa at 11:12 AM on July 20, 2001

"M-I-S-S-I-S-S-P-P-I, ok think I got it now"

Erm, nope. Not that someone who's confused about where s/he grew up should be expected to spell another state's name right.
posted by lissa at 6:36 AM on July 21, 2001

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