Becoming Human
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Becoming Human is a site by the ASU Institute for Human Origins, and its focus is human evolution and the hominid fossil record. Equally notable is the Smithsonian's Human Origins Program. Perhaps the most in-depth site I've found, however, is Modern Human Origins. It's incredibly detailed (down to diagnostic characteristics of individual fossils), and accurate as far as I can tell. Just don't forget about Sahelanthropus Tchadensis, the most recent and oldest (6-7 million years) find in our possible family tree. Good stuff for Science Saturday.
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TMT, these are marvelous and I didn't want them to go unacknowledged - I really appreciate your having posted them. I can't do them full justice on a brain-dead Saturday night so I've only given them a cursory exploration, but I have bookmarked them all for later consumption. The Becoming Human documentary has beautiful photography. Thanks!
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I'm sorry, but any so called "Human Origin" site that does not cover the Sleestack in detail should stand in the corner with head hung in shame and humiliation.
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This is definitely one of those posts I went exploring with and spent a good few hours on. Just dropped back here to give props to The Michael The for collecting the links and sharing. Now to dive back in and read up some more on Aquatic Ape Theory
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The "What's Hot! in Paleoanthropology" link on the Smithsonian site tickled me. I imagined a sort of "Homo Neanderthalensis: Hot? Or not?" ratings page.
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