Just saw Dogma
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Just saw Dogma and I know the rest of the world saw it before me. I waited. All my friends said, "you got to see this movie Zach cuz the way you've talked about religion all your life this is IT!" And I thought that was pretty sour, that Hollywood could ever get my idea of religion right, but Kevin Smith's not Hollywood and I saw it and it was good. It's close. It doesn't quite take it to eleven though. What I find more interesting is seeing Kevin Smith's take on other Hollywood projects. I feel for Kevin. He's like Daniel in the Lion's Den..
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Too bad his other project is now officially toast. *sigh* I wish I could have expected better from ABC.
posted by harmful at 6:34 PM on June 9, 2000

Well personally I think most people who are intelligent enough to get the truth behind Smith's 'on the surface adolescent' sense of humor have been tuning out of TV for the past several years. I know I have. TV networks don't get it.

I've said elsewhere if Bette Midler was doing a TV show, I'd tune in if she were involved in writing it. I liked her early work. What will probably happen though is the network will put together a team of writers, and anything that is written by committee is (except for rare occasions) not worth the film it's put on.

Another thing I found interesting about Kevin was this report of a rumor that Kevin actually went and hung out with some of the protestors on the opening night of Dogma. Talk about stepping into another person's shoes to understand their point of view! I doubt Stephen Spielberg would have such balls!

Well, I'm gonna go listen to local bands and get drunk. Later! =)

posted by ZachsMind at 6:51 PM on June 9, 2000

Um, don't lament the death of the Clerks TV show. It was easily one of the most unfunny things on the planet. And that's not even a subjective opinion, that's natural law.
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