vs. Spy is going to travel the world!
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vs. Spy is going to travel the world! He is planning on going on a round the world trip on little more than some (small amount of) money, some gumption and some luck. By hook or by crook, he's going to go to South America, and then hopefully to Africa and other places after that. I think it's incredibly gutsy to do that sort of thing, just pick up and walk around the world. Anyone else done anything like that? Any advice or links?
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I don't suppose you would care to provide some background information as to why anyone should find this person interesting.
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I've come, perhaps, close. I was laid off from my dot com employer in 2000 and caught a plane to Berlin within a week.

I travelled around Europe for 2 months (was planning on travelling for up to a year). Instead, I ended up in Vienna, found a job, and have been in Europe ever since (except for the 2 weeks I spent in Egypt last year, the 3 weeks I spent in China and Mongolia this year, and the annual 3 week trip back to the states to visit friends and family).

Next Summer I'll be spending 3 weeks in South America. After that, it's farther south in Africa, or back to Asia for my next vacation.

No complaints here, and I'm in no hurry to return...
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stayed in harlem and bosnia this year ,

please help a man doing cold turkey from new york !
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i quit my job and then went to S America for 4 months. i had been kind of planning it though. i didn't know exactly when or where or for how long, but i was saving money and finally had had enough of my job. pretty refreshing experience to say the least. but after spending so much time sleeping on very uncomfortable buses(in Peru and Ecuador it is almost like you don't have a choice for trips over 6 hours), i am glad to be home. everybody should do something like that at least once.
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Here is why, mischief, friend.
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