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The art of the political campaign song is alive and well. Candidates in Ohio , Indiana, Tennessee, and Minnesota have 'em. What about where you live?
(Caution: All state name links are to sound files. Links to campaign sites inside.)
Heck, Lamar even got Bocephus.
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Candidate links: Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, and Minnesota.
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Wow. I was wrong on both counts. This is cool.
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The Times Online reports that Baath Party officials have chosen the Whitney Houston song "I will always love you" as their campaign song for Saddam's re-election.
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The Bush campaign commissioned a song from Billy Ray Cyrus, if I remember. It's even odds on whether Saddam or W has worse taste in popular music.
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David Phelps, Running for congress in the 19th congressional district, sings in one of his tv ads. It's the "Working Man" ad that you can see here.
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One of the funnier things I've seen was Ross Perot dancing with his wife to Patsy Cline's "Crazy" after conceding the election.
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My favorite one was from recently deceased Paul Coverdell. It was featured in a commercial and ahd a little old lady singing it on a porch swing:

"Let's put paul coverdell in the senate,
And kick Wyche Fowler Out,
We don't need Fowler for a minute
And that's without a doubt"

The commercial wrapped up with "That Wyche Fowler, he's just like Teddy Kennedy!

I moved from Georgia to Massachusetts shortly after I saw that ad.
posted by cjoh at 12:58 PM on October 11, 2002

God, these are all hilariously horrible. John Edwards has hired a bluegrass band for his presidential campaign music - part of his NASCAR Democrat strategy - but I haven't heard any songs yet.
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