For all of you who remember Cosmic Encounter, a java version of it has been released.
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For all of you who remember Cosmic Encounter, a java version of it has been released. Of course, this happened several years ago, I just forgot about it until now. It's a fun game, if you can find the people to play it with!
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Wow! That takes me back. In College, some friends and I used to play Cosmic every week. It was our nerdy version of "poker night." What a great game!

Speaking of Java versions of real-world games, there's a really fun, super addictive came called Javaquarius which I can't stop playing. It's an online version of a card game. I've never played the "live" version, but it's sold by a cool off-beat game company called looney labs which also publishes a fun hippyish online zine.

Sorry. That was a long digression. Back to Cosmic Encounter...
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So, the reborn Avalon Hill has the rights to CE now? I guess this is the fourth manufacturer (unless I missed one along the way). Looks like a kind of stripped-down version, similar to the Iron Crown (?) "Simply Cosmic" edition, but going overboard on flashy components. I never had the original EON game, and who knows what happened to my West End edition, but I do have the complete ICE edition. Long bloody time since I've had a chance to play, though.

On a tangential note, has anyone played the new AH "Stratego Legends" game? It appears to be Stratego, but with new, collectible pieces. I'd love to hear comments from anyone who's played it.
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