Just Duct-y.....
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Just Duct-y..... Hmmm. Duct tape seems to be a fix for everything, even curing warts. Err...don't try this on the genital kind, I guess.
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don't try this on the genital kind, I guess

ya think?
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See here I am thinking the duct tape version involves placing duct tape over the wart and pulling really fast. That's how I've removed a great deal of hair in the past. Somone try and let me know if it works any better.
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more than a few of my drag queen pals rely on duct tape for, um, "the tuck." i'll be circulating this news when i go out tonight, and i'm positive i'll be the recipient of many a free cocktail. :::clink:::
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The full text of the paper is available free.

As it turns out, this isn't a research idea that appeared from nowhere, but is rather a controlled test of an anecdotal therapy.

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Warts are a strange disease -- one of those that seems to highlight the intersection twist mind and body. I remember reading one study that showed the effectiveness of painting the warts with phosphorescent paint and convincing the patient that it would get rid of the wart.

Couldn't find a good link. The best I could come up with was this mention by Dr. Greene and I have no idea how good of a resource he is.
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remember, if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.

We're all in thhis together, I'm pullin for ya
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This is a ridiculous suggestion and medical research funds have been squandered. It is commonly known the cure-all for conditions, such as this, is Windex.
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I don't know 'bout you, but I'm always skeptical of such remedies, especially when double-blind, fully controlled studies have shown the efficacy of these methods (mean difference from baseline = -5, warts/person, 95% confidence interval -3 to -8, controlled for fence whitewashing and spelunking).
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Foldy: where's the wink??
unless...you're serious...
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As useful as duct tape is, the one thing it doesn't do is well is seal ducts.
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Heres another cure-all. It will cure any skin problem that is bacterial or fungus based and it uses nothing but Dishwashing soap. After multiple trips to the doctor nothing worked but this did the trick, and oh so quick.

Buy an anti-bacterial dishwashing soap, the kind you use in the sink, liquid. It contains an active agent of Triclosan. I use Ultra Palmolive Oceanbreeze. Apply soap without water and let sit for anywhere from 30 minutes to hours depending on the area being applied. The danger is the longer it sits the greater chance you have of burning your skin off which is easy to do so take it easy. It kills anything.
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And it's been approved by the fashion police.
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Now don't be goin in any community pools with them warts ya hear? (gross picture inside)
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Thanks Degaz - anyone want my lunch?
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Someone stepped on a toad, methinks.
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I heard ANYTHING cures warts, because they heal all by themselves after a few weeks anyway. So there are dozens and dozens of "cures" and they all work...

Still, though they're harmless, they're infectious and annoying so I'd be happy to cover em up till they're gone...
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