Wallace and Gromit
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Wallace and Gromit fans can now download one of ten short films from the BBC website. There are low (1.38 meg), medium (2.59 meg) and high (4.3 meg) quality versions available. To save, right click on the links and select "save as".
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You can browse summaries of the other 9 films here.They can also be viewed by US customers here, UK customers here and the rest of the world just here. Alternatively, they'll be on the BBC sometime later this year.
(DISCLAIMER: I work for messrs Wallace and Gromit.)
posted by MintSauce at 4:35 AM on October 15, 2002

Man, Wallace really does have some "knobby styles"...(i'm going to have to use that phrase for the rest of the day). Thanks for the link
posted by NGnerd at 4:42 AM on October 15, 2002

Does anyone know where I can find (again) the W&G whistle that used to be my e-mail alert?
posted by ParisParamus at 4:43 AM on October 15, 2002

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Genius. Great link.
posted by nedrichards at 5:24 AM on October 15, 2002

Paris, im sure i can dig it out for you .... how exactly does it go ;oP
posted by MintSauce at 5:33 AM on October 15, 2002

Erm... oil! It's about oil. How can they say it's not? No wait...darn liberals. How could...? They're just out for the money, they don't care about health care. Hussein is... oh crud. You just can't be unhappy or controversial about Wallace and Grommit... both sheep with power tools and evil penguins alike enjoy viewing the stuff. I can't think of anything I've enjoyed watching more than those episodes (and "Creature Comforts"). Nick Park for President! (Oh, gracious, there goes my political reflex again).
posted by namespan at 7:59 AM on October 15, 2002

namespan - you obviously haven't heard the French theory about how W&G were supposed to be at the Twin Towers on 9/11 but suddenly cancelled their appearance at the last minute. There was some flim-flam excuse about a cheese conference in Wisconsin they wanted to attend, but it all sounds terribly suspicious to me - definitely linked to the Mossad. Google will tell you the whole truth, I promise.
posted by junkbox at 9:31 AM on October 15, 2002

NGNerd: Although your response is funny, I thought you should know something that might make it even funnier. Nobby Stiles is actually the name of a famous soccer player back in the '60s. Yes, someone really did have to walk around in the public eye with the name 'Nobby Stiles'. Seems to me that he should have made it into the Austin Powers movies somewhere...

Oh, and guess what else? He wasn't even a looker!
posted by sonicgeeza at 9:40 AM on October 15, 2002

posted by eyeballkid at 12:39 PM on October 15, 2002

Thank you, thank you!
posted by Songdog at 12:40 PM on October 15, 2002

mintsauce: Please ask your Mr Wallace or your Mr Gromit to convert their films to a better format, so I can see them.
posted by godidog at 12:49 PM on October 15, 2002

He wasn't even a looker!

No kidding.
posted by kirkaracha at 1:26 PM on October 15, 2002

God DAMMIT, kirkaracha, I did not need to see that. Ever. In my life. Especially not in a Wallace and Gromit thread. Hitler's moustache! Have you no decency?
posted by UKnowForKids at 2:27 PM on October 15, 2002

Feckin' A!

I love the world weary look that Gromit gives to Wallace right at the beginning!
posted by dash_slot- at 7:56 PM on October 15, 2002

junkbox: You may be on to something... a post to the guestbook on the Aardman site reveals a September 12th "Aardman Rules!" posting -- clearly a declaration of supremacy. Still, they seem to hold their cards rather close to their chest. I can't divine further clues.

But still, I predict a scene in which Bush catches OsamaAndOrHusein, pulls of their turbanordictatorhat and says "Good Heavens! It's you!" as he realizes it was his CIA trained operatives all along.

"Here's to paying guests..."
posted by namespan at 8:46 PM on October 15, 2002

Even though I'm a middle-aged American, and thus soccer (that ridiculous sport) didn't exist when I was in school, I loved The Soccamatic. Thanks for the link.
posted by LeLiLo at 12:11 AM on October 16, 2002

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