Maybe they should have let Lance Bass on this one.
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Maybe they should have let Lance Bass on this one. A Soyuz rocket explodes 29 seconds after takeoff, killing one and injuring eight from the blast. Although it was not carrying any material destined for the International Space Station, launch delays caused by the investigation into the explosion might hurt the IIS project in the long run.
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bad joke.
posted by howa2396 at 7:40 AM on October 16, 2002

It probably won't have a direct impact on the ISS (not that it could be hurting any more than it already is.) The Soyuz-U series isn't man-rated, and blows up about 5% of the time. The man-rated version is much more reliable and much more expensive, and that's what the ISS project uses.
posted by ptermit at 7:41 AM on October 16, 2002

as much as I dislike "boy band" music...

this is not funny
posted by Steve_at_Linnwood at 7:45 AM on October 16, 2002

Dour perhaps, but killing another is not of humor.

Ass fucking, however. . .
posted by four panels at 7:47 AM on October 16, 2002

Thanks for the worthless link.

Like I could not have seen this all by my very own self.

Gee....great research.
posted by lampshade at 7:53 AM on October 16, 2002

I normally avoid piling on, but this just struck me as such completely bad taste that I can't help it. This isn't Fark.
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I'm really indifferent about the guy dying, but more offended that people think that "Lance Bass is going into space? I hope its a one way trip! Ha ha!" is remotely clever or funny the first 45 million times it has been said.
posted by Stan Chin at 7:58 AM on October 16, 2002

Maybe they should have let all the humorless-joke-pointer-outers on that one.
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Poor taste, bad post.

Just wait till Our Fearless Leader wakes up...
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< dons rainbow wig>
John 3:16
< /dons>
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No shame in a completely tastless joke....
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No shame in a completely tastless joke....

but there is shame is stupid link and a stupid link line that anybody and their grandmother could have found and created by searching for .000032 seconds.

Take it to Fark. That is where I go for this type of stuff.
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Welcome to Newsfilter, have a pleasant stay.
Look! Rhode Island teen expelled for not cutting his mullet!
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Bad titles = bad Post. Both news you state luxFX is interesting.

One it shows that technology is still not perfectly safe and unfortunately lives are lost in the name of space travel.

Second, your jealous that your not in a boy band who might have the opportunity to go to outer space which is something a lot of men dream.
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Breathe deep, mine eyes, the frosty saga of eternal suns
From unseen depths and dreams undreamt,
I sing the gleaming cantos of unvanquished space
By thought I embrace the universal
With wings of mind I sail the infinitude
Glory! 'tis the stars which beckon man's spirit and set our souls adrift!
— Hart Crane, 1930
(please excuse the non-link to Bloom County)
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it's too bad that it wasn't Pavarotti's mullet that exploded as it gave birth to its own grandchild on the Led Zeppelin reunion tour.
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good gracious, I had no idea my post was to cause such fire!

apologies to all for my poor poor poor joke. agreed, wishing death on anyone is no joke, and I apologize.

I will stand by my posting of the link though -- I believe it's valid news. And what does it matter that it was an easy find? I had the impression that the important thing going on here was the discussion of the links...
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Sorry I was in a cranky mood yesterday.

Yes, the news is quite valid and, for my part, this is something that truly interests me. I did in fact go to the link.

However, what would have helped is maybe a brief history of rocketry, or maybe a a reference to how the Russian and American space programs started their partnership or just general Soviet Space Program information.

If you are going to post a CNN article, give us more to work with than a snarky N'Sync comment.
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