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What?! It's great how BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN is more important to protest than trigger-happiness. I know this issue has already been talked into the ground, but just check the F.O.P. president's quotes. Come ON, guy. Didn't you see the sign above the door that said "Please remove head from rump?"
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The FOP need to justify their existence somehow. One way of doing this is by creating an us vs. them mentality that can be used to drive fund raising. The NRA does it, Greenpeace does it, lots of groups do it. Too bad the FOP are just incredibly silly about the way they accomplish it. Locally (Columbus, OH) we've had some problems with our police. We're the second (or so) city to have our police department taken over by the FBI due to widespread abuses. The FOP could have worked on educating the populace of the city about the accusations it thought were unfair, instead it resorted to paranoid government ranting looney crap. That might have helped fund raising, but it didn't help their cause one bit.
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I see from this article that they STILL don't get The Boss. "He has all these ... American flag songs ..."

They STILL haven't listened to the lyrics to Born in the USA, 17 years later.

Besides, the lyrics of 41 shots advise citizens of how they should behave around officers, in words they ought to agree with: "Promise me if an officer stops you'll always be polite/ Never run away, and promise Mama you'll keep your hands in sight ..."

Oh, that's right, we're thinking these are professionals ... my mistake. [sounds of disgust]

btw, 41 shots is out there on Napster ... not that I have any reason to know that.
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"...and now he's a floating fag. "

Nice to know that the New York cops have come so far in stamping out prejudice within their organizations.
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Harmful pulled the same quote I was going to pull. What the hell is a "floating fag," anyway?
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Calling Springsteen a "fag" is like declaring war on the State of New Jersey.
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"Metafiltered" could be taking over "slashdotted" -- after I found the song in question, it's been the only thing uploaded from me all day -- and about fifty times.
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Well, New Jersey is a festering sore that should be torn from the face of the earth, but that's beside the point. :)

I've never heard the expression "Floating fag" either. Good Lord. If that guy is the President imagine what the members are like.
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I haven't heard the song, and I'm too lazy to find it right now, but "floating fag", suprisingly enough, sprung the image of a big stick floating down a river.

(for reference: "fag" means piece of firewood, like "gay" means happy -- fodder for adolescent giggles when watching old school board movies)
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Huh. Based on my extensive knowledge of British idiom (garnered through watching The Tomorrow People and The Prisoner reruns), I always thought "fag" was a British term for matches or something else related to smoking. Live and learn.
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I've heard 'faggot' and 'fag' used interchangeably for wood, but that could very well be a bastardization peculiar to my own little reality. Neither are in terribly common use 'round these parts (southern Ontario area) though, so I'm willing to accept the fact that I'm just generally confused.
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What's wrong with NJ?
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Faggots, originally, were lengths of wood designed to make lighting a pyre more controllable, and were used to burn witches and the like. Eventually, in British slang the term came to mean anything that you burned (which is how it came to refer to cigaretts) whereas in the Americas, it split depending on region. The modern use of the word as an insult aimed at homosexuals refers to their 'flaming' status, according to Anderson's Etemological Handbook.
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