My Gun was as Tall as Me
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My Gun was as Tall as Me is a new report by Human Rights Watch about children forced to become soldiers in Burma (Myanmar). They estimate as many as 70,000 soldiers are under 18, some as young as 11. (Previous posts about Burma and modern slavery.)
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Also on the subject of Burma, EarthRights International has re-released their September 2000 report, Halliburton's Destructive Engagement, which details the company's record on human rights in Burma and elsewhere.
posted by homunculus at 2:47 PM on October 16, 2002

Wow, this is such a sad but important topic - thanks for the post homunculus. There are some other items about child soldiers on the Amnesty International Children's Human Right page, along with other children's issues.
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The international community often makes the mistake of viewing the recruitment of child soldiers globally as a problem of non-state groups rather than government forces. This misperception has been magnified in the case of Burma by the excessive and often distorted media coverage of the young twins who led God's Army, a small group which never had more than two or three hundred soldiers and which no longer exists.

I have to admit it's hard to forget Luther and Johnny, and the report provides a useful corrective. I hope fans of "engaging with Myanmar" will read it. Great post, homunculus.
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Excellent post on an important issue, Homunculus - thanks!
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