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This is the funniest MasterCard "Priceless" parody ever. My friend sent me this link, and I didn't think much of it on a glance of the URL, since MasterCard parodies are a dime a dozen. But this particular one is professionally filmed, original, and utterly hiliarious. (Windows Media ASF Stream)
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Should have waited until tomorrow to post this. Anyhow, that was freaking hilarious.
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The Slash one? It is not a parody - rather it is a pulled ad. It has actually aired. [see Clayton's post "The Unfinished MasterCard Slash Flick" third from top - sorry i can't link straight to it but only members get to see the QT film.]
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me <--- a dolt.
I had to trust what an email pal said "it's the Slash one" as I can't open that particular Windows media file. It isn't the slash one, its the date one - and yes that is a parody...
*sinks through the floor*
posted by dabitch at 4:53 AM on October 24, 2002

Hilarious enough to make me *finally* become a MeFi member.
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This is a *rather* old joke... but with a nice new spin.
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My favorite variant.

First, the setup. Most controlled airports broadcast ATIS info -- Automated Traffic Information Service -- that tells pilots weather, runway, and other information. All flights arriving and departing are supposed to check ATIS before contacting the airport for clearances, so someone in the tower doesn't have to read all the info off.

PHL -- Philadelphia International-- is sort of famous for adding a little extra to their ATIS broadcasts.

One day, the ATIS is warning of low visibility and delays. After all the jargon, it announced.

"One turn in a hold: $2,000. One go-around: $4,000. Spending a day with your copilot: priceless. Advise you have Yankee."

Another delay- packed ATIS from PHL mentioned, at the end of the broadcast "Not going anywhere for a while? Grab a Snicker's bar. Advise you have November."

(The phonetic letter at the end is so the Tower can confirm you have the current info -- the phrase means "Tell the tower you heard ATIS broadcast "N")
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FYI: If you've not got a soundcard (like me) then you probably want to wait until you get home or to a comp. with sounds, as without hearing anything, it's not very funny AND (probably) ruins the whole joke.
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Yesterday the Brunching Shuttlecocks released their contribution to the Priceless meme.
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Worst. Hyperbole. Ever.

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Well for those of us who cant get sound will someone take the time to explain it...if its not too much to ask.
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That is older than dirt.
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Ok, the guy is walking to girl back to her door after a date, and basically says "So... How about a blowjob?" The girl replies and talks about how she can't because her parents are there, they'd make too much noise, dad would get so pissed, blah blah. They argue about it for a little while, then the door opens, and the girl there says "Dad says to give him a damn blowjob. Or I could. Or even he could, just take your fucking hand off the intercom." And then there's the girlfriend's dad having a sense of humor being priceless.

It's actually pretty funny, but probably like a year or maybe more old. I remember seeing it a LONG time ago. A few of my favorites are the ones on the link with the hand in warm water, the friends busting in on sex, and there's also one out there with 2 guys in a sports illustrated picture. All are quite offensive, but funny.
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Funny stuff and Mastercard must be loving all of the free commercial time...
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the video was ok, but the parodies on that page has to be some of the lamest stuff I've ever seen.
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Even worse, it uses Windows Media Player! More Quicktime, even for crappy videos, please.
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Funny stuff and Mastercard must be loving all of the free commercial time...
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Actually they have a tendency to summon the lawyers at the drop of a hat.
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