F--- OFF!
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F--- OFF! This seemingly serious Tourettes information site uses an 'interesting' way to get attention. [link not too safe for work - no depraved images, just a large, prominent yell]
posted by humuhumu (8 comments total)
The content which appears when you click on the words seems to have been copied from www.tourettes.com, another (larger) Tourettes info site. The small-print at the bottom of the content states that the domain is for sale. Is this just a weird, customised way of advertising...?
posted by humuhumu at 3:59 AM on October 25, 2002

meta name="keywords" content="Anus, Breasts, Creaming, Dildo, Excrement, with, Frightening, Gimps, Hitting, Irritable, bowel, Jugs, Kike, Lovejuices, Masturbating, Necrophiliac, Orc, knees, with, Pointless,
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In what world does this seem serious?
posted by robself at 4:09 AM on October 25, 2002

Hmmm... should have checked the source. But begs the question: why try and sell a domain in this manner? Can't see Tourettes-related organisations being impressed with the initial greeting...
posted by humuhumu at 4:24 AM on October 25, 2002

robself: how many people do you know that go read meta-tags for every page they visit?
posted by ralawrence at 4:26 AM on October 25, 2002

how many people do you know that go read meta-tags for every page they visit

I resent the insinuation that i know any people. But if i did, even they might see the title of the page: 'Toss one-eyed trouser udder snake relentless excrement tossing....' and think 'This may not be totally bona fodo'. Terrible way to try and sell a domain, though, so we're all agreed.
posted by robself at 4:39 AM on October 25, 2002

Interesting. I've been trying to get my hands on recordings of Tourettes' sufferers for years to no avail. Curiously, there's no audio on the sites... In addition, I've been looking for audio of stuttering and other speech disorders. If anyone knows of a source for such recordings, commerical or otherwise, please backchannel me: ubuweb@yahoo.com.
posted by ubueditor at 6:34 AM on October 25, 2002

I detect the hand of those young japesters at b3ta
posted by i_cola at 6:35 AM on October 25, 2002

It's worth noting that only a minority of people with Tourette's Syndrome have problems with uncontrollable swearing (corprolalia). I have mild TS, which sucks enough, but fortunately it's limited to facial and vocal tics, which I've gotten good enough at hiding so that people generally don't know I have the condition.

It's still a real pain in the ass, though. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
posted by boredomjockey at 10:30 AM on October 25, 2002

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