October 25, 2002
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Friday Flash Fun:Xeyes? Neko? Maukie!
posted by bonehead (10 comments total)
Almost as boring as a real cat. Has anyone found a game as much fun as Miniputt?
posted by Frank Grimes at 10:35 AM on October 25, 2002

None of these are interesting in the vaguest sense. These aren't good links on any day of the week, let alone Friday.
posted by mkn at 10:39 AM on October 25, 2002

Maukie should get together with the cursor-grabbing rabbit
and go bowling.
posted by Smart Dalek at 10:40 AM on October 25, 2002

Not really a game but this is addictive as hell.

Click to create your own.
posted by bondcliff at 10:40 AM on October 25, 2002

yeah... most of the past friday flash funs were a lot better than this. and did Maukie sound like a lawnmower when you put your finger over him, because that's what it seemed like to me...
posted by statusquo at 10:41 AM on October 25, 2002

oh boo hiss... xeyes and xneko may not be fun, but they're historic.

Maukie, on the other hand, is definately in uncanny valley territory for me... heads just shouldn't move like that!
posted by tss at 10:48 AM on October 25, 2002

Nifty: Maukie's pupils narrow as you put the cursor close to his nose. Nice touch.
posted by Shane at 11:17 AM on October 25, 2002

awesome, bondcliff.
posted by goethean at 2:10 PM on October 25, 2002

I've always wanted to post this. [flash music video]
posted by goethean at 2:11 PM on October 25, 2002

Maukie is good fun for me. You can annoy her but clicking on her ear and tail. All the fun of tormenting kitty without actually bothering a real cat! Hurray!
posted by Joey Michaels at 5:19 PM on October 25, 2002

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