October 27, 2002
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North Korea: The Bright Eyes of Tailless Beasts: testimony of Sun-Ok Lee.
Inside the Gulag from the Hoover Digest.
Human Rights Without Frontiers: Concentration Camp Analysis
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Regime change.
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...other interesting links: The always readable Simon Bone chronicles his adventures in less travelled parts of the world. North Korea in 1998:'Happy Birthday North Korea' and in Belarus 'The Great Patriotic Disco'. For those lacking in the North Korean culture department why not listen to some music at The Pyongyang Metro. Who can forget such classics as 'No Motherland Without You', 'Reunification Rainbow' or 'The Song of the Dear Comrade Kim Jong Il'. The nearest thing I can find to an official North Korea website is this
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The government in North Korea disgusts me. What disgusts me more is the activist in South Korea who now want to reunify the country with the slogan "One country, Two governments." Of course, this is the same group that in college viewed North Korea as some sort of ideolgical paradise. Morons. Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of them in Korea right now.
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That's pretty fucked up.
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I don't classify N. Korea as a country. It's really just one big cult compound. With nuclear missiles.

The turning point for me to regard it as cult was when they showed in a documentary I saw once, people receiving their Government Approved hair styles. When control over the population has gone that depth it stops being a government.
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North korea a country with a comparitively vast army now purportedly with the added bonus of a nuclear deterrent, well I assume it is for deterrence. The ironic thing is the only thing that prevents ramopant cannibalism is the copious amounts of american food aid, I believe the term is one should not bite the hand that feeds you.
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Thanks for the links, Damienmce.

The interviews above are based on testimony from the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary.
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And another one from the New Australian.
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it's heartwarming to see that a site such as indymedia.org has NOTHING on this - or on North Korea in general. As in, nothing at all. Must be because all the western human-rights activists already found far worthier causes?
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A person named 'Sylvia' posted the following links recently on the 'Readers Voice' forum of the Korea Times. I changed the format of the links, but the compilation is all hers. A thousand thanks to 'Sylvia'!



























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I did reference the NK fan club before, though.
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