October 29, 2002
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France surrenders
posted by damn yankee (14 comments total)
Ya know, I was just thinking, I wish there was a web site that would give me links to news sites. Particularly news that is almost certain to be covered everywhere.

Now, I realize that that's exactly what Google news does, but I wanted a site with cryptic write-ups, so I wouldn't really know what the kinks were for until I clicked on them.

Thanks, damn yankee!
posted by Ayn Marx at 8:10 PM on October 29, 2002

You mean Fark.com Ayn Marx?
posted by Stan Chin at 8:12 PM on October 29, 2002

The United States and France are moving toward a compromise on Iraq that would oblige the Bush administration to consult the United Nations Security Council before embarking on military action against Saddam Hussein but still leave it the freedom to act alone.

Hmm...kinda like when he was obliged to consult the American voters before taking office, but reserved the right to declare himself President?

Poor France.
posted by rushmc at 8:31 PM on October 29, 2002

Point: priyanga.
posted by joemaller at 8:54 PM on October 29, 2002

fark - metafilter's retarded little brother...
posted by iamck at 9:02 PM on October 29, 2002

fark - metafilter's retarded litle brother with tourette's syndrome
posted by nathan_teske at 9:08 PM on October 29, 2002

fark - the fox of the blogosphere :)
posted by condour75 at 9:11 PM on October 29, 2002

Hey! I like FOX!
posted by iamck at 2:11 AM on October 30, 2002

posted by dg at 3:27 AM on October 30, 2002

Or the USA surrender? Probably both ways as it is a compromise.
posted by ugly_n_sticky at 4:24 AM on October 30, 2002

... and the Newsfilter! chuckleheads bang their pots and pans so nobody can discuss anything they don't like, and congratulate themselves, no doubt.

This place is nothing like it used to be. Assholes.
posted by dhartung at 8:19 AM on October 30, 2002

The council itself is currently pouring over a 7-paragraph draft resolution on disarming Iraq

But what is the council pouring over it??

dhartung: You might want to peruse mathowie's remarks here; I think this would definitely come under the "not so right" heading.
posted by languagehat at 9:30 AM on October 30, 2002

Since the US was never not going to "consult" with the UN, whatever that really means, this is French surrender.

I like George Will's column this morning proposing that all the EU Members have only one seat in the UN.
posted by ParisParamus at 10:18 AM on October 30, 2002

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