"mom, dad, i'm a..."
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"mom, dad, i'm a..." 749 ways to make that oh-so-special announcement.
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Ironically enough, until a Thanksgiving a few years ago, my father assumed I was gay. I brought a girlfriend home, and shocked the hell out of my father and his wife's family, who assumed that my writing poetry and going to grad school were clear indicators of my homosexuality. So, in effect, I was a closeted straight man.
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my best friend has kind of the same problem. all his other gay friends have decided in recent months to refer to him as a "breederfag." he seems quite proud of the term...
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When I was in college, a fellow student approached me and asked me to write something for the student newspaper. I told her that I was flattered, but I wouldn't know what to write about. She suggested that I write about my experiences as a gay student. I agreed with her that this would make a very interesting article--since I am straight.

Most people in college thought I was gay because (a) I was majoring in theatre and (b) my best friend was (and still is) and openly gay man.

Nowadays, it's not so strange to see gay and straight men on very friendly terms. Back then (about 10 years ago) it was more unique. And sometimes it led to comedy:

Once my friend and I spent the weekend with some friends of his. They were an ultra-liberal straight couple who obviously felt proud about their lack of bigotry toward gays. After a nice dinner, we started talking about sleeping arrangements. The couple suggested that my friend and I share the sofa bed. Neither of us wanted to do that (not because of homophobia on my part, but because we're both quirky-squirmy sleepers).

With a tone of sadness, the couple offered us two small cots. We set the cots up on opposite sides of the living room. Then my friend and I went out for a walk, leaving our hosts alone for a while.

I mentioned to my friend how sad they seemed when we rejected their sofa bed. He told me he thought I was imagining things. No, I told him, they are working so hard to show that they accept you and your lifestyle. Now they're offended that you don't feel comfortable enough around them to admit that I'm your boyfriend.

We argued the point back and forth, then we returned to their house. The couple had retired to bed while we were out, but they had kindly left out towels, sheets and pillows for us. They had also pushed our cots together in the middle of the room, turning them into a double bed.
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One of the most interesting conversations I had with some friends of mine was when they all told me they'd figured I was gay.

I hadn't had a girlfriend ever at that point (I was umm.. 20 I think) and had just started seeing someone.

It was interesting to try to explain that I was a geek and found computers more interesting (for the most part) then women.
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My gay/bi friends have this running joke about throwing a suprise coming out party for me. Kinda like "SUPRISE! Your gay!". There's nothing like having another man call you 'Daddy'.
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