Medieval Wall Painting in the English Parish Church
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Medieval Wall Painting in the English Parish Church A growing, and already comprehensive resource, with many (occasionally gruesome) images and scholarly commentary. A directory of images which can be seen in parish churches. Some interesting sub-pages :- Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Works of Mercy, Scenes from Genesis, and the Warning Against Idle Gossip.
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a considerable achievement and well categorised. a pity the picture quality isn't up to much.

I grew up, bored witless by the sermons, staring at these particular sabbath breakers.
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i love these--there's something so human and approachable about all of these medieval and romanesque images, as opposed to renaissance religious art...not so much about awe as about communication
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What a perfect Halloween post. Thank you.
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Adam &Eve are pretty damn freaky. Nice link.
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I was raised as a catholic at a typical catholic church where there wasn't much painted art. We had sculptures and the main "art" was in stained glass, one for each apostle excluding Judas. When I finally asked a priest "why no Judas" he educated me to the fact that because Judas despaired (i.e. committed suicide) he wasn't Saint material.

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These paintings are indeed interesting.
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