The faboo world of New York high society revealed!
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The faboo world of New York high society revealed! reviews the "cheapie centerpieces" at the Lord of the Rings DVD party, the hot-pink truffles at Ivana's disco bash and the stilletto-shaped Manolo Blahnik cookies at the 'Sex and the City' premiere. NFL ice sculptures, Scrabble serving trays and bone-shaped doggie breath mints in silver bowls are among the delights. Those hand-tied veggie crepe bundles at the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards sure do look de-lish. Be sure to check the cocktail menu at the venture capitalists' "Back to Reality" bash - held at McDonalds - and the "funky registration area" at last January's World Economic Forum. [more tackiness inside]
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Glad I missed the body-painted topless dancers at that Sotheby's auction and the nude table snacks and floral arrangements with KY Jelly and chains at the Museum of Sex opening [nsfw].

And I'm sorry, but one-color themes are always tacky:
Virgin's All-Red Brandathon
Self's Pink Party in the Park
Donna Karan's All-Black Scent Launch

Oh, and food bloggers take note: Bizbash's new venue guide says that a New York branch of the French Laundry (blogged wonderfully by Meg Hourihan) is scheduled to open by the end of 2003.
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I'm guessing that they never have hungry people at those events.. they eat before they go out I suppose
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Let's see.... a ClearChannel banner, exposed scripting code in my Mozilla browser, and a Orwellian Lillian Vernon flashpiece telling me to IMPRESS / REWARD / MOTIVATE ? The perfect Halloween link!!!!
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The perfect Halloween link!!!!

One tries. :)

High society isn't always pretty, you know.
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But pretty much society is always high.
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