"We're very sorry, but the DEA has asked us to arrest you."
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"We're very sorry, but the DEA has asked us to arrest you." A Canadian citizen, on a connecting flight between Canada and Ireland, is pinched in the Netherlands at the request of the US government. To prevent him from testifying in a Canadian drug trial?
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Methinks that travel warning needs to be extended a bit...
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degree from Trinityy. Drug dealing. Not very smart.
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To prevent him from testifying in a Canadian drug trial?

I don't see that in the linked article. The guy is subject to charges in Canada and in the US. He'd rather face the charges in his native Canada because the penalty is likely to be less harsh (in the US he faces up to 20 years).

I think our drug laws are stupid, but let's not make things sound worse than they really are here. I think it's unclear from the story if Canada has even asked for the guy back yet.
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I wonder if Canada's Special Senate Committee on Illegal Drugs, namely the possible decriminalization, will have any effect on this. I am for decrime laws myself but do not like the trafficking aspects as related to the trade. I do not like that 30,000 canadians where charged with possession, received no "time", a majority of those charged i suppose, yet it remains on their record. It is time to reevaluate these laws in the U.S. also. But if decrim laws where put into effect, i would like to see stricter sentences for those whom deal to minors. We had a case here in Michigan where some kids attempted to steal some scum bags drying crop, the kids where caught by this scum, he chased them in his truck, shot at them and i believe the driver of these pot thieves was killed in the ensuing chase after crashing the getaway vehicle.

kids experiment, not much one can do about this. but i believe that repeat juvenile offenders (smoking pot) should be placed in some rehab/education program.

I have no sympathy for this guy in Amsterdam. If he has the skinny on the RCMPs' alleged brutality, he should go to the press with it...oh wait, he already has to some extent.
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It seems to me that the end of the article holds the key statements.

If he's crossed the RCMP in CBC documentaries, and could potentially embarass them more at his Canadian trial, I'm not surprised that they're leaving him there. I'm sure they'd rather silence him than try him..

Canadian citizen or not, our RCMP would probably rather see him rot in a U.S. jail for 20 years than come back here, embarass them further at his trial, and spent ~5 years in jail in Canada. He's right to protest, but he won't get much sympathy from our government, given his history.

Sure it's not right, but that's how things work. The RCMP doesn't screw around in Canada, and even if we don't hear about it much, they're just as ruthless (but less blatant) as any other country's federal police force..
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How come the drug smuggler is protrayed as the victim here?
posted by Coop at 3:10 PM on November 2, 2002

Coop, he's portrayed as the victim here because he is. I don't see the DEA arresting people shipping cigarettes or alcohol, both drugs far more dangerous than marijuana. I commend the capitalist instincts of those willing to run the risks of imprisonment.
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Poor guy. I guess he shouldn't have become a drug smuggler. Victim schmictim.
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Can we *please* start adding a context link or two to simple news posts like this? This discussion would have been much better served with a simple Google search for Patrick Roberts marijuana, which turns up this picture and bio from the B.C. Marijuana Party candidates section. Somehow the article fails to mention that he's apparently a candidate for public office:

"Patrick is a management and security consultant and is involved in the creation of the Winlaw, B.C. based Centre for Drug Policy Analysis...He is 53 years old and has two teenage children living in Salmon Arm...He has a wide experience of commercial aviation, as an Airline Transport Pilot, Commercial Helicopter Pilot, manager, and entrepreneur. He played a major role in the introduction of scheduled air service to the Shuswap in the mid 1980’s.

"Patrick has twice been jailed for marijuana offences. He is the first person to raise a Charter of Rights argument on marijuana prohibition in a Canadian court, and has appeared as an anti prohibition commentator on programs such as the Journal with Barbara Frum, on CTV and CBC Radio, Vancouver talk radio, and in the national print media...

"Patrick...is particularly interested in bringing the RCMP to account for their recent and ongoing DEA commanded attack on the BC marijuana industry. This industry brings billions of dollars of cash into British Columbia’s economy...The question of what on earth would move the RCMP to make such an attack on an economy is a political question for the coming election.

"The sovereignty policy in the Marijuana Party platform is seen as critical. We are absolutely not Americans and we have a right to our own perspective on marijuana and any and all other social and political issues. The entrance of DEA, US Customs, and any other American law enforcement officials onto Canadian soil, or their representation by RCMP proxy, is a completely unacceptable violation of Canadian sovereignty."

If I were Canadian, I'd sure be pissed at U.S. meddling in my country's marijuana policy. The more you dig, the more this guy starts to look like an international political prisoner.

I have no sympathy for this guy in Amsterdam.
How come the drug smuggler is protrayed as the victim here?

You two are serious? Good lord, I think that's disgusting. Roberts is facing 20 years in jail for illegal ownership of *plants*. And the post's limited article notes he's only been *accused* of conspiring to smuggle marijuana to the U.S. If you have evidence the author of the article failed to share, Coop, do please let us know. There's a much larger evil than "the drug smuggler" being "portrayed" as a victim here.
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Roberts is facing 20 years in jail for illegal ownership of *plants*.

Well, heroin and cocaine come from *plants* too, and if you are charged with trying to smuggle them into the U.S. (three years ago during a sting operation) then you are on your own.

this guy starts to looklike an international political prisoner.

Good one! Usually I don't laugh out loud at this stuff.

This ass stands accused of making wads of American dollars smuggling drugs into the United States. It's ridiculous to assume that the DEA has no say in the matter.
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If I were Canadian, I'd sure be pissed at U.S. meddling in my country's marijuana policy.

come on MR, this guy is a medium fry and small coke at best. Do we search every Canadians' car "smuggling" out Blue Jeans, Pfalzgraf and microwaves in their daily exodus into the U.S.?
Most likely no. Let the guy rot. where was his concern for his family, certainly not evident in conspiring to deal in pot.
"can't do the time, don't do the crime" is the credo of the professional criminal. This guy is whining.
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Did you know the DEA is employing agents to post anti-marijuana statements and pretend to be an "average" Joe (or hama ?)? Yes, they have sunk pretty low to keep their
extortion scam, I mean drug war, afloat.
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I guess the Mounties always get their man, even if someone else gets him for them. This guy is screwed.
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As was discussed in this previous thread It is becomming rapidly apparent that few citizens of any nation are truly safe from the thugs currently running the USA.

and Joemeek, I don't doubt the allegation that gov agents with nothing better to do are joining in online debates, but do you really think they would be as unsubtle as the trolls presently stirring up the shit in this thread?
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