Tales from the Land of Dragons.
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Tales from the Land of Dragons. 100 years of Chinese paintings. From the overview :- 'In China, painting is one of the "Three Perfections," linked with calligraphy and poetry as the most refined of artistic endeavors. This exhibition ... focuses on the years in which the great traditions of Chinese painting were established, during the Tang, Song, and Yuan dynasties ... '
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This is quite a large site which covers many different aspects of the subject, but it itself part of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts' past exhibitions page. Check out Picasso: The Early Years when you finish with dragons...
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I absolutely adore links like this one.

I still rank painting among the 'three perfections' with poetry and calligraphy, although these days I might add (in passing) computer code writing.

A tribute to one of the greatest artistic traditions.

Thanks, plep.
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Music and mathematics too, for obvious reasons :). (But all linked).
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Nice. Coincidentally, I've recently been digging up similar sites but hadn't found this one.
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China the Beautiful makes rewarding browsing; there are plenty of off-site links there, too.
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It is always fascinating to contrast the aesthetics of Chinese painting with "Western" visual arts. Anyone have a good link that explains some things about the Chinese aesthetic?
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Joey - you might like A Look at Chinese Painting, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibit looks at seven paintings and calligraphies, but there's also a bit about Chinese are in general.
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Wonderful post.
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People who enjoy the very best links to Chinese and Japanese culture (or any culture) should check plep's linkalicious weblog daily.
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Another great post, plep.
BTW I saw the Picasso Early Years show - spectacular!
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