This arrest is brought to you by...
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This arrest is brought to you by... This company has come up with the idea of covering police cruisers with advertising as a way for local law-enforcement to deal with budget cuts. Apparently, twelve towns have already gone for it. This group is trying to stop it. Institutions like schools and hospitals are already being taken over by advertising and product placement. Is this any different? "Freeze! You want fries with that?"
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I'm for it. lets see what the chief says when this ad is placed:


Chief Wiggam: "Ah, somebody forgot the 'A'.

(officer spray paints an 'A')

Chief Wiggam: "Nice work boys".
posted by clavdivs at 2:24 PM on November 3, 2002

why not something appropriate: "Krispy Kreeme donuts...anything less than a dozen is a crime."
posted by Postroad at 2:43 PM on November 3, 2002

"Krispy Kreeme donuts...anything less than a dozen is a crime."

Okay now that's freakin' funny.
posted by MidasMulligan at 3:08 PM on November 3, 2002

I think the local BDSM retailer should get in on this. Free demonstrations with each arrest!
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Looking over the site again. Some mispellings..."Geroge W. Bush"? That McDonalds car looks like a toy... phone number ending in a "5555."

Could this just be a really good hoax? I sure as hell hope so.

Of course, they are part of the Mooresville Chamber of Commerce, so who knows.
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is a fraud.
or just borderline southern.
[duckin', y'all]
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You have the right to remain silent and super-size that Happy Meal.
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I don't see how using a toy car in their ad makes them a fraud. It just makes them look cheap. The newspaper article suggests that there are signed contracts and that means lawyers are already involved, so we'll have to see whether they can actually deliver. (For my part, I'm having trouble thinking of advertisers willing to go this route to the tune of over $7K a year). Still, everybody thought it was crazy when busses started going the whole-body-ad route, and now those are everywhere.

This is likely to be most popular with smaller departments, for whom it might make the difference between hiring a police officer or not.

(Still, the thought that came to my mind was OCP...)
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I'm surprised the UK beat the US to this - you've beaten us with the schools thing. The first commercial company I saw appear on a police car in my town was for a firm selling double glazed windows. This didn't fill me with confidence that the police were motivated to do all they could to prevent house burglaries. I've often wondered if the officers would be on commission when they called round after a robbery.
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Apparently not a fraud given this mention in a story on a local cable news station. I do hope they spell bettre on the adz.
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