History of Medicine
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History of Medicine The (US) National Library of Medicine has a fine collection of online exhibits on subjects as diverse asDream Anatomy, 500 years of Paracelsus, America's first woman MD, a brief history of caesarian section, Islamic and Chinese medicine, and much more....
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The Canadian Museum of Civilization has quite an interesting exhibit of nurses' caps.
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wow, this section called Anatomical Dreamtime in your second link looks great. They all look great actually, but must.get.work.done.today.
plep, like your website, your links here are both insidious and addictive!
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I've only looked at a few of the wealth of categories here, but this is great, plep, thanks! I love this portrait of Mary Shelly in "Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature". For you, madamejujujive, and anyone else who enjoys "Anatomical Dreamtime", do tuck away this site from Channel 4, called "The Anatomists" for future reference (and make it a point to see the documentary if you get the chance).
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If you want medical exhibits in America, check out the Mutter Museum. Unfortunately their calendars have been discontinued. (The cover of this year's was particularly. . . lovely?)
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This post reminds me of this book which I've been meaning to read: The Expressiveness of the Body and the Divergence of Greek and Chinese Medicine by Shigehisa Kuriyama
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