Why can't I get a job like this?
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Why can't I get a job like this?
posted by Steven Den Beste (10 comments total)
you could make more than 50,000 in three years working part time at mcdonalds.

though you dont get as much nudity at mickey d's i suppose.
posted by sikk at 5:20 PM on June 14, 2000

I love my alma mater! Of course, this doesn't beat the UBC prof who did his ph.d work on the history of beer.
posted by sperare at 7:20 PM on June 14, 2000

"But the award of the grant has come under fire from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Spokesman Mark Milke said: 'What? Strippers don't get studied enough as it is?'."

Actually no. They don't. Erotic dancing has an intricate history and IS a serious artform when it's approached like one. However, it's lumped into the list of sordid and sinful things that organized religion insists will ruin human society. Strippers are not synonymous with prostitutes. Some happen to do both, but there's a lot of myths about erotic dancing which need to be dispelled.

This artform needs to be studied, and more importantly recorded for posterity, by objective, impartial educated scholars, so future history will begin to accept it for what it is instead of what conservative stiffshirts want everyone to believe. And hopefully so there'll be less sex-starved morons hooping and hollering all the time. I mean what's wrong with appreciating a woman for her performance instead of just drooling over her ta-tas?

...okay. Drooling over ta-tas can be fun too... But that's not the POINT! ...well actually is IS erotic dancing isn't it? So maybe that is the point.. Well it'll just take $50,000.00 for scholars to figure out what we already know, then...
posted by ZachsMind at 7:40 PM on June 14, 2000

This is gonna go over great with the average Canadian, considering how the provinces can't get the feds to give them adequate funding for their socialized health services.
posted by aaron at 11:09 PM on June 14, 2000

Bah, the average Canadian (me being one) doesn't care. 50 grand for some research is fine. A few million shelled out in Human Resource scandels, that's an issue.
posted by cCranium at 5:51 AM on June 15, 2000

Steven, you *can* get a job like that.

If you can impersonate a grad student.
posted by baylink at 7:04 AM on June 15, 2000

Please note that the researcher is female.
posted by EngineBeak at 7:58 AM on June 15, 2000

I wonder if she got the grant money in ONES....
posted by jamescblack at 10:33 AM on June 15, 2000

Well, we've had one dollar coins here for a long, long time already. I don't think "ONES" would be useful....unless she wanted to pelt the dancers with the coins.
posted by mkn at 10:43 AM on June 15, 2000

James gets the "funniest post of the week award", mkn: you're a nit-picking party-pooper.

And that's *my* job, damnit. :-)
posted by baylink at 2:34 PM on June 15, 2000

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