Is this a crock, or what?
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Is this a crock, or what? Pseudotainment claims to be online tv, but DotComGuy has better quality than this. The audio isn't as choppy as the video, but it's a sad state of affairs when the best we can do with all this technology can't even compete with local cable access programming.
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Oh yeah, Pseudo. I happen to be the world's biggest fan of their CEO (disclaimer: I once worked for him somewhere else), and I'd really like to see the thing succeed, but I have to admit I don't get it.

(We should keep in mind that they're aimed squarely at broadband users, though from what I've heard the video quality isn't quite acceptable yet at those speeds either.)

They have a good financial/tech stocks program, which is precisely the sort of thing that might work given the state of the technology right now: investors are trapped at their desks in front of their computers all day as it is, generally have the bandwidth, and wouldn't mind watching some streaming video in that position.

But practically all the rest of the programming SUCKS MAJOR DONKEY. It's almost 100% "I'm-an-incredibly-cool-NYC-hipster-with-an-attitude-and-the-"correct"-looks-for-TV-and-i'm-going-to-spend-the-next half-hour-shoving-those-facts-in-your-face." It's as if they get all their people and ideas by raiding the garbage cans at MTV's programming department for all the rejected demo tapes sent in by the Teeming Masses.

All in all though, given the current state of education in this country, and the demographics that Pseudo seems to be aiming for, you have to worry about a company that chose as its name a word that isn't spelled like it sounds. I wonder how many people out there will make one attempt to access and then give up.

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I understand they're aimed at broadband users, but I have a DSL. My connection may not be first rate but I'm not suffering from lag anymore. At least not usually.

Their audio feed came in fine but the video is worse than a photo album.
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