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Laogai. Welcome to China's labour camps.
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It's truly heartwarming to see these activists tell this age-old story. They wouldn't know Political Correctness if it sat down right in front of them. Of course, they are not American, are they? And knowledge of these outrages is not being disseminated through Western mass media. Of course not.
posted by bannedThrice at 3:26 PM on November 5, 2002

Hmm. If that wasn't a passive-aggressive comment, I don't know what is. I'm baffled, not the least at whom "they" refers to.

There are small encouraging signs that China is paying better attention to human rights, or at least moving toward compliance with treaties it's signed. With the leadership succession underway, the incoming president Hu Jintao is more concerned with stability, though he may continue incremental reforms as they continue to court good trade relations with the west. And now, with a free trade zone including China and all of ASEAN, they're working more closely with a multilateral organization that has shown contradictory priorities with regard to human rights among its own membership. Maybe if they made greater, swifter progress in Burma, they would have a firmer consensus on how to deal with such issues.
posted by dhartung at 5:42 PM on November 5, 2002

Horrific. Thanks for the links, four panels. The more awareness, the better. I'm beginning to see where North Korea is getting its ideas.

Nice post, dhartung.

What was that first post about, anyway?
posted by hama7 at 11:14 PM on November 5, 2002

Fascinating find, four panels, thanks.
posted by mediareport at 8:42 AM on November 6, 2002

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