November 6, 2002
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Dick Gephardt to step down as House Democratic leader, reports the AP. Nancy Pelosi and Martin Frost, the next-highest elected leaders of the House Democrats, will vie for Gephardt's job, which portends a liberal (Pelosi) vs. moderate (Frost) battle of ideologies. Who is better-suited to lead House Democrats?
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after the disaster yesterday, bank your money on the Dems voting in Pelosi in a backlash against Moderates.
posted by RobbieFal at 4:34 PM on November 6, 2002

Hooray! More politics! How would I follow a political process that doesn't affect me in the least, without the avant garde staff of MetaFilter. I mean, it is thoroughly impossible for me -- just one man with a broadband connection -- to skim news sites by myself.

I apologize if that was overly rude, but this is getting out of hand.
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thescoop should know better. look at his user number.
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Matt has recently said in MetaTalk that after several months of trying to solve the problem of political discussion posts, and being ignored by people who continue to make posts like this one, he is beginning to think about more drastic solutions.

This thread might get deleted, but hopefully people will finally start to pay attention to the guidelines, the wishes of our host, and the discussions in MetaTalk about what constitutes an appropriate post.
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My apologies for the post. And yes, I should know better.
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