November 8, 2002
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I'm amazed. (And no, this isn't a Lone Star thread.) For all the politics fuss we've engaged in over the last 2 years, I'm a bit surprised that no one thought it a fit topic for discussion that Florida lost 100,000 votes this week. In Broward County. But of course, those are the *only* votes we lost track of, right...?
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Supervisors discovered the error when they saw the number of votes recorded in the governor's race exceeded the reported total for ballots cast.

Vincent Hanna: One voter; 16,472 votes. A slight anomaly...?

Edmund Blackadder: Not really, Mr. Hanna -- you see, Baldrick may look like a monkey who's been put in a suit and then strategically shaved, but he is a brilliant politician. The number of votes I cast is simply a reflection of how firmly I believe in his policies.

(from Black Adder Series 3 Episode 1: Dish and Dishonesty)
Replace the word "Baldrick" with "Jeb" for extra fun!
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Dave Barry (who lives in Miami) was interviewed on CNN on election day. He was a riot. Said that the only way Florida would ever be able to pull off an election would be to get rid of words altogether, and simply put pictures of the candidates on the ballots. To vote, you would take a pencil and poke the eyes out of the candidate you wanted to vote for. He then said that - on second thought - even that probably wouldn't work, as some percentage of voters would misunderstand the instructions, and attempt to poke their own eyes out.
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Hell, I'd end up voting Republican. Just for the fun of it.
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It's those 5-4 votes that really count.
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The Election - Jesse Taylor - Blogging election irregularities
VoteWatch - Blogging voter complaints

Folks, one Yahoo link and a couple blogs on election irregularities doesn't do this topic justice! Matt really needs a break from deleting out the content-free zones we've been posting. Anyone have time to surf up some actual evidence as to how clean and / or messed up the elections were?
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