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KidPub is an enchanting little website that I rediscovered after rediscovering a list of my circa-1995 bookmarks. (And it looks today almost exactly like it did then -- you can even see a bit of Siegel influence) KidPub is a place for children to post their stories, poems, etc. Most of the authors seem to be in the 9- to 12-year-old age range, and the stories have titles like "The Mystery of the Circus Clown" and "Crazy School". A cute site to remind you of the importance of reading and writing for children.
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Excellent links, thank you!
posted by dhoyt at 9:44 PM on November 11, 2002

I think Elaine in Illinois just likes to see her name on the web.
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Hihi!Im 13 year old in the ninth grade.I`ve gotten straight A`s since 3rd grade,skipped a grade(doy),made my school districts soccer team three times,am first chair clarinet out of 19.I`m talking to much,so I`ll shut up now.

Well whoop-dee-doo.
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But the big question is, is it pornography?
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Excellent site...thanks!
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Hrm, I remember writing a story in 6th grade. It was supposed to be a 'mystery'. And I based my story on a dream I had. A nightmare actualy.

Anyway, before I was going to go up to read my story, I decided I should have the teacher read it first to make sure it was "ok", and she was like "no, no, it's fine."

then I was like "no you really should read it". She did, and then she got all pissed off and scolded me.
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Also I couldn't read my story after that.

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What an exciting adventure! Last summer I was battling ghosts at a haunted arcade. Tony and I had defeated the arcade owner. The place mysteriously disappeared.

Wait a minute...that was my crazy adventure last summer!
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The Boy Who Ate Herring
by Kenneth age 9

There once was a boy who ate herring,
He used the herring as filling.
When it was dinner,
He quickly shrunk thinner,
And now he is still shrinking.
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