Making Evil Look Innocent
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The Beast cracks your child's mind when he reads Harry Potter. Yeah, you probably have seen this site before, but with the new movie coming out soon, it's worth revisiting. Incidently, Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged comes out on DVD December 1, with never before seen extra footage.
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That is not worth revisiting, or even visiting in the first place. For anyone who doesn't care to give yet another whack-job any more unnecessary attention, I'll summarize:

1. The new world order is coming.
2. It's all the fault of Rome and the jews.
3. They're using Harry Potter and pokemon (no, really!) to subvert our children.
4. And I (Pastor Bob) have made many AMAZING DISCOVERIES about the whole sordid affair.

There. Now you don't have to go see for yourself.
posted by yhbc at 10:00 AM on November 13, 2002

Harry's no match for young Artemis Fowl. Eoin Colfer is a gifted writer.
posted by Shane at 10:02 AM on November 13, 2002

I also hear there's a toy broomstick

What I wonder is, does it vibrate?
posted by matteo at 10:06 AM on November 13, 2002

Oh, yeah, and this too
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It doesn't vibrate anymore.
posted by Shane at 10:09 AM on November 13, 2002

Shoot, yhbc... I wish I had read your reply first.

Proof that Rowling used ancient alchemist texts? "1. Pictures on the wall that move as if they are alive"

Funny, I thought she got it from the modern stone-aged family.
posted by GhostintheMachine at 10:25 AM on November 13, 2002

I love the artwork though, the beast actually cracking open the skull of a child. That's good horror. Bet it sells videos, too.
posted by pejamo at 10:26 AM on November 13, 2002

I have to take issue with the site's sub title: "Helping discern the times we live in!" discern them from what? the times we don't live in?
posted by mcsweetie at 10:28 AM on November 13, 2002

I take great pride in subverting children to witchcraft and other religions. I will heartily admit to turning children from the path of Jesus Christ.

*nyea* :P
posted by Dillenger69 at 10:29 AM on November 13, 2002

You can't not love this quote, tho:

Their total disdain for the separation demanded in the Word of God has inevitably led to what I call "stinkin’ thinkin.’"

Stinkin' Thinkin' indeed!
posted by Robot Johnny at 11:06 AM on November 13, 2002

thanks 4 the summary, yhbc, but you forgot to add # 5. For only $24.95 I'll share all my AMAZING DISCOVERIES with you.
posted by vermilion at 11:43 AM on November 13, 2002

That explains why I haven't made my first million yet!

Think I'll work on the second one instead - I hear that one's easier.
posted by yhbc at 11:47 AM on November 13, 2002

I spy a viral marketeer?
posted by i_cola at 2:47 PM on November 13, 2002

I remember reading somewhere that "the greatest trick of the Devil is to convince the world that he does not exist," and this site's intent responds to that notion rather well. Even so, I cringe to see my fellow believers trying to make a quick buck off of parents' natural concerns for their children's spiritual well-being.

If this web site was just delivering information about witchcraft versus (fundamental, Bibliocentric) Christianity, I'd have no problem with it per se even though I don't see what the problem is with Harry Potter. (Yes, I know the characters in the book do not invoke the name of the Almighty in working their miracles, but come on, people, it's a freaking novel.) The marketing run amok is pretty disturbing.

I thought information wanted to be free!?
posted by alumshubby at 5:24 AM on November 14, 2002

5. Profit!!!
posted by Foosnark at 9:40 AM on November 14, 2002

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