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Hate crime police raid 150 homes 'When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone,' it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less.'
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Martin calls for full review of military. `Suppose we change the subject,' the March Hare interrupted, yawning. `I'm getting tired of this....'
posted by mr_roboto at 4:54 PM on November 13, 2002

Is it a hate crime if I call them fascists?
posted by son_of_minya at 5:02 PM on November 13, 2002

Bush creates Crawford out of thin air. "Suppose we simply invent shit", exclaimed kablam, "and present it as fact!"
posted by quonsar at 5:03 PM on November 13, 2002
posted by kablam at 5:07 PM on November 13, 2002

i'll take the word of the university over something called "unknown news" any day. and most of the "unknown news" story deals with the ranch, not the town. and i clearly recall reading stories at yahoo news indicating that bush still had most of the ranch to explore, so i don't buy the whole "rooted family homestead" deception assertion they made. and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone around here who likes bush less than me.
posted by quonsar at 5:23 PM on November 13, 2002

And I'll just work off the assumption that you posted this in the "hate speech" thread as an example of same. Now, were you angry at me for calling Bush a "Byzantine Machiavellian"; or were you angry at me for saying that democrats act foolishly when they assign the label of 'stupid' to those they don't like?
posted by kablam at 5:33 PM on November 13, 2002

no, i was angry at you for telling a big lie. that's bush's tactic. there's no need. to expose bush for what he is, all you have to do is say what's so. i was also angry at you for posting a bbc news link.
posted by quonsar at 5:38 PM on November 13, 2002

What big lie? I gave you the link. If you dispute its veracity I would take it up with the webmaster. My use of it was to show that Bush is indeed up to the task of deception, cunning and guile, and it illustrated that well. Many of his other tactical and strategic (ahem, "strategery") decisions are equally well thought out, if not moral or ethical, and would also serve as ready examples of wit, so my point stands: you may loath your enemy, but do not underestimate him.

An argument, I might add, which has been made by others in this most recent post-election analysis.

Otherwise, please enlighten me as to why you find a BBC link offensive? Is it because they drink tea and have an aversion to snails?
posted by kablam at 5:47 PM on November 13, 2002

Best. Derail. Ever.
posted by dash_slot- at 5:52 PM on November 13, 2002

kablam: quonsar's email address and instant messaging IDs are given in his user profile. Hint, hint.
posted by mr_roboto at 5:55 PM on November 13, 2002

Now why in pluperfect hell would I want to email or message someone who has called me out? That would make it personal, and isn't that what "hate speech" is all about?
As it is, he has posted a response to one thread in another thread, been rather disingenous in his response at that, shown a lack of creativity by gratuitously using profanity, and most of all, not proven his point. So, does he get a point for a "derail", or does he show more restraint in future lest he be disregarded as a pest?
posted by kablam at 7:21 PM on November 13, 2002

"People should not have to go through life being subjected to abuse because of who they are or what they believe in."

Unless, of course, who you are or what you believe in is consdered hateful.

Then you're fucked.
posted by Ayn Marx at 7:35 PM on November 13, 2002

NEWS FLASH....George Orwell reported to be spinning in his grave, film at 11:00.

Thought Police (Sorry, Diversity Directorate),
Pervasive video surveillance,
can you say "police state"?

Next up the People's Republic of Kanada.
posted by MikeMc at 9:08 PM on November 13, 2002

[shakes head]
clueless. simply clueless.
posted by quonsar at 4:31 AM on November 14, 2002

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