Death of a killer
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Moors murderer Myra Hindley is dead The serial killer was serving her 36th year behind bars at nearby Highpoint Prison, Suffolk. Hindley and Ian Brady, 64, were jailed for life in 1966 for the sexual abuse, torture and murder of three youngsters. In 1987 they confessed to two more child killings.
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She definitely wasn't punished enough. She should've been put to death immediately.
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(above opinion reflects the opposite of my actual opinion, of course)
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With perfect timing, too: the Huntley and Carr trial has been moved to the Old Bailey. So, just as the tabloids lose their Wicked Witch, systematically dehumanised over three decades, look to them to adopt Maxine Carr in her place.

Before the usual suspects jump on me, I wasn't one of those who wanted her released: driving the M62 to Manchester, you cross Saddleworth Moor, and there's something about the place to make you believe in ghosts. But the cultivation of Hindley's iconic status made it too easy to make her the Big Bad Monster, rather than a young woman who did terrible, evil things.
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This always creeps me out. I was in a suburb of Manchester in '87 when the case reawoke. Morrissey and the Johnny Marr's musical casting of the tale has always seemed to me to be an extremely moving, poignant piece and one of the band's most interesting compositions.
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Some background here. Awful, awful crime.
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I first heard of Myra Hindley two days ago while reading this article about British artist Marcus Harvey and his portrait of Hindley.
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Good that this was posted to MeFi so now we can engage in a vigorous discussions, the pros and cons of serial killers. Yes, we can hear from the MeFi'ers who devoutly espouse the philosophies and ideas of serial killing and then we can hear the side of the detractors on why serial killing isn't all that.

I anxiously await the wide spectrum of thoughts that will hitherto be presented on this dire issue!
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In other news, Karla Homolka will be released from a jail -- near my hometown! -- in about a year. She will not be under parole, and will be free to go wherever and do whatever she likes.
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Gosh, I haven't been this sad since Jeffery Dammer died.
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I was in a band that did a song about Myra Hindley. That is all.
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What riviera said, word for word.
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Marcus Harvey recreated a mugshot of Myra Hindley using children's handprints, which was the most controversial exhibit when the Sensation art show from the Saatchi collection was unveiled in London in 1997. The painting was so controversial that two rival artists pelted it with India ink and eggs on two separate occasions. When the Sensation art show went to New York, Americans were largely oblivious to who Myra Hindley was. Instead, controversy surrounded Chris Ofili's Holy Virgin Mary instead, which Rudy Giuliani and conservative Christian groups viewed as blasphemous. Another bizarre Hindley connection is that Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders, participated in a punk group called the Moors Murderers under the name Chrissie Hindley. I think Malcolm McClaren, the founder of the Sex Pistols, also used to sell "Free Myra Hindley" T-shirts. Sorry if this is old news to the Brits on this board, but most Americans, except for true-crime buffs like me, have no clue who Myra Hindley is.
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