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criteria for optimal web design. i found this site very useful, if you're into web design and development; although it seems focused to the beginner (because of the Q&A layout), it has very useful information
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Maybe I'm difficult, but I don't like that... maybe it's cos it's written as a psychology paper.

Things like "The third annoyance, slow downloads, are a very common complaint" bug me when it was 4th and only scored 26% - a figure I find impossibly low by the way.

Still, that's just my tuppeneth...
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According to this, Japanese users might associate Metafilter's blue background with "villainy" and the white text with "death." Maybe a new color scheme is in order.
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Does optimal web design include leaving jagged white pixels around a transparent GIF title?
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After spending the last few months researching optimal web design in a flash environment, I still find Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines one of the most essential and comprehensive publications to date.
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not to mention a broken image on the front page.
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Try Usable Web if you're ambitious or stricken with bouts of perfectionism :-)
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Talk about "the blind leading the blind."
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"the blind leading the blind."

It's always especially rich when sites preaching usability don't offer it. Take this site, which claims to be designed to comply with UK usability regs for those with difficulty viewing printed information - but has no ALT tags, and blue inactive text and black links in the menus.
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Besides obvious visual problems such as the jagged white pixellation around the graphics, the site is completely non-standards-compliant. It uses tables for layout and deprecated tags for style-- no CSS to be seen anywhere.

As expected, it's not even close to validating. I'm amused.
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For instance, in Chinese, Coca-Cola means "bite the wax tadpole." Wisely, the Coca-Cola company changed their name in China to the phonetic equivalent of "happiness in the mouth"
Cool ...
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In Chinese many ideograms have similar sounds (it is a tonal language, which means that pitch can be the difference between one sound and another, a concept which often confuses Westerners) so there are many ways to approximate a borrowed word like "Coca-Cola." It may be true that one set of symbols that approximates the sound of "Coca-Cola" means "bite the wax tadpole" but that doesn't mean "Coca-Cola" itself means that. As I recall, the "happiness in the mouth" version still sounds more or less like "Coca-Cola" when pronounced.
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As expected, it's not even close to validating.

And even if you provide it with a DOCTYPE and character set, it still has numerous problems. I am also amused.
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